Artifacts Found at My House – One

A little while back I made some “artifact” tiles. I used a glaze process that I had not tried before, explained in Artifact Tiles Part 1 and Part 2. Take a look at those posts for the full background on how the project came about.

Anyway, I’ve made a second pass at this technique. I impressed objects into white and terracotta clay and fired them.

I then washed them with Velvet underglaze Jet Black.

When they were fired, I was happy with the appearance of the terracotta tiles as they were. I’ll show them in another post. But the white ones – no.

I decided to cover them with various Velvet underglaze colors and to try the breaking glaze on them. What did I have to lose?

I fired them and here are the results.

I am lukewarm on these tiles. I think these worked out well as far as no glaze failures or kiln mishaps. But I just can’t get that excited about them. Thinking about it, it’s because I don’t much enjoy the creation process, and the results don’t thrill me enough to go through it. Lesson learned.

19 thoughts on “Artifacts Found at My House – One

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  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    I like the idea of these. I am not thrilled making them, I somehow feel it is too easy or something. But looking at these I see I can improve my designs, I am not used to thinking this way. I think I would be happier trying this on an object such as a pot or something rather than tiles.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. Thinking more about them, and seeing that people like them, I am going to think about how I might revise the process so I enjoy it more but get similar effects. I am also thinking about trying it on more functional objects or abstract sculptures.

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