Winter from the Kiln

Here are tiles just made this month, celebrating winter.

You may remember them from recent Art Diary posts – now they are finished and ready for you to see.

They are each 4″ x 4″, Velvet underglazes on commercially-made terracotta tiles, fired at cone 06, January, 2018.

23 thoughts on “Winter from the Kiln

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    These are lovely, Claudia! I love your use of pops of bright colour against the muted tones of the winter landscapes. They reflect that feeling I always have of looking for the upsides of winter just so I can mentally drag myself through it. Every day when the cardinals visit my feeders, I tell myself how much more bold at this time of year.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    It’s time for hot chocolate and split pea soup and chili and knee socks and favorite gloves and walking in the bare woods … and I could go on and on, not to be a spokesperson for winter, but, there are certainly things that you can only do in winter!

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    I started with gray and white and then added the colors – and you are right, a cardinal shows up in winter as it never does in summer. Likewise those little chickadees.

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