Can There Be More of Them?

Yes. More small portraits.

I painted random acrylic colors on ATC-sized Claybords. I drew in India ink around the shapes that made up a person (I thought). The next day I covered the backgrounds in gray so that the figures stood out.

A real rogue’s gallery, maybe? And how about those aliens who have sneaked in?

Art Diary reference: look here.

5 thoughts on “Can There Be More of Them?

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I got the idea from thinking about when I make mosaics, I have found that gray grout is the best for unifying a piece. It contrasts pretty equally with all colors. Unlike if you use white or black grout, which is a super-unifier if it fits in with the tile colors, or super-fracturing, if it contrasts. Gray, well, fits in with everyone!

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