Recent Clay Work #4 From May 2018

More clay work from May 2018. These are rectangle people. Done in white clay, colored with Velvet underglaze, and fired at cone 06.

These people were constructed by rolling out slabs, cutting them to size, building a rectangular box, and adding a head.

In this group the two on the left were made in the same way as the previous figurines. The one on the right was formed by rolling a cylinder and then using a paddle to form it into a rectangle. You can see the curved end of the original slab as a curve across its body front (if this explanation is confusing, take a look at the cylinder people here).

And here are some details of the color work.

25 thoughts on “Recent Clay Work #4 From May 2018

  1. Judi Castille

    I love your work, the colours and graphics. Sorry for ignorance but what is Cone 06? I would like to work in clay at some point but have no idea about this medium.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Different types of clay fire at different temperatures (the clay packaging gives the range that should be used). Cone 06 just refers to the temp that I set the kiln to. When things were not automated as they mostly are now with kilns, there were things called cones that you set in the kiln with the firing. It would slump over when the temperature was reached (you could peep in through a hole in the kiln). People still use this method even in automated kilns (my kiln has the peepholes but I have never used them) for various reasons. If a clay is underfired it is not strong; if over fired it can melt and deform, even to the point of ruining a kiln. Glazes and underglazes also are marked with what cone to fire to as well. There is a lot of chemistry to clay (though it’s not necessary to figure this all out yourself, the products guide you). If you are interested in clay, I would recommend taking a class (in anything, wheelwork, hand building, whatever) and you will learn the basics as a necessity of the class, plus you will be able to get your work fired. There is also lots of info on the internet and many good books.

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