Paint Card Inclusions

These postcards all included paint cards as some part of the image. They were made in February, 2018.

Here’s a purple girl set on another paint card in that vibrant yellow-green color. I didn’t record the names of the paint colors, sorry!
Postcard 2-18 Purple girl003


This house was drawn on a Hazelnut Cream color paint card and set into an acrylic-painted landscape.


Postcard house in the fields 3-18002


This card features a drawing on a paint card – the paint name is Campfire Blaze, so that is what I drew.


Postcard Campfire Blaze 3-18001

6 thoughts on “Paint Card Inclusions

  1. tierneycreates

    Oh my goodness I love the use of paint cards in your art! I have a collection of paint cards that I keep thinking I should part with but I bet I could make some cool cards with them (I mean Tierney-level cool, not the incredible Claudia-level cool, ha!) 🙂

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you, I love paint cards and have used them for so many different things (you can even print photos on those ones that are large and have different shades and let me tell you, cool results). I particularly like the surface these had that I used here, as the pen seemed to go on so nicely.

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