Baby Cylinder Person at The Clay Studio Small Favors 2020 Exhibit

Hello everyone, I have one of my small cylinder figurines in an exhibit – Small Favors at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA. It’s one of these…

I’m very excited about this recognition, because it is the first time one of my clay pieces has been juried into an exhibit.

Take a look. You’ll enjoy yourself. The idea behind this exhibit is SMALL – each piece had to be able to fit into a 4″ cube. The main site to the exhibit is here, and you can access the whole array of items (they are for sale, too, and you can buy directly from the website and they will ship it to you). This year, to celebrate 15 years for this theme, they feature not only clay but also other media.

My piece is toward the end of the array. It takes some time to load, so I’ve given you the link to my page here so you can see which little guy is featured.

March 6-April 26 at The Clay Studio,  137-139 N. Second Street, Philadelphia, PA.

15 thoughts on “Baby Cylinder Person at The Clay Studio Small Favors 2020 Exhibit

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. They are fun little guys to make. Don’t think, just let them emerge. Plus I like all the colors. I think you will enjoy the exhibit. There is such a lot of variety. It inspires me.

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