House at Norristown Farm Park

Maybe three or so weeks ago my husband and I took a walk in Norristown Farm Park. You can read about it here on my personal blog, Sometimes You Get So Confused.

We did some art drop offs and took photos. Some were of this house on the park’s property. I took my favorite shots and drew vignettes in a sketchbook at home. Here’s the array of drawings:

House at Norristown Farm Park 3-20 four views001

And here are the photos that inspired them.


15 thoughts on “House at Norristown Farm Park

  1. agnesashe

    Yes, I agree with you, and conservation with an eye to the future is surely in general a more positive approach with environmental issues in mind.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    I’ll be interested in what you think. Visiting there prompted me to dig deeper into the history of mental hospitals in this country and it is fascinating, and sad, and full of human stories that have pathos, humor, kindness, and cruelty. Quite a topic, the treatment of mental illness in past days, and the buildings symbolize it and embody it.

  3. Laura (PA Pict)

    I think the treatment of the mentally ill (and those considered mentally ill) throughout history is universally awful. Thankfully attitudes and treatments have evolved over the century but there is still much scope for improvement.

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