Derived From Drop Tiles

You may remember a post a few days ago about drop tiles. In their creation, small coils and balls of clay are used. Sometimes you can remove them from the greenware (unfired dry clay) tile, but sometimes they are stuck firm and to remove them risks breaking the tile. Doesn’t matter, they don’t hurt anything to stay in place.

In my most recent work with this form, I was able to remove all the clay pieces in the greenware stage. From these tiles:

I got an assortment of clay blobs. I had them bisque fired and then I glazed them, turning them into clay “rocks”. Here they are.

When we are able to get back to the studio I need to remember these clay rocks. I love the look of them and I’d like to make a big collection.

13 thoughts on “Derived From Drop Tiles

  1. Judi Castille

    Thanks. It’s a whole new skill for me so hopefully I can find classes when all this virus has been resolved. But I do have a large studio so it might just be online training and trial and error. Fun either way.

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