Libraries – Drawings

Here is another page of drawings made from photos. This time the theme is Libraries.

I go to the library a lot, in normal life. On the day before our state’s shutdown, when I heard the news, it was the place I went to first. I checked out about 25 books. I’m working my way through them, and sadly am more than half finished with the pile.

I understand I will not be back in a library for some time. I’ll get hold of something to read, I have no fear, but I want to be back in a library.

All right, here are the photos. They are from Montgomery County Community College and Chestnut Hill College libraries. Note: The one with the guy squatting down to find a book – well, I didn’t get his posture right so I amended the picture a little. In my version he is sitting on a little bench. I think I will try it again later on.

And you can see I have a thing for the chairs and footstools and tables at Montco. Love their style and I can attest to their comfort. If you follow my poetry blog and my Marathon poetry writing sessions, you have seen many photos of the library and some that include this furniture.

Chestnut Hill College’s library is an older style building and has its original 1960-ish furniture, shelving, and layout. It’s a different atmosphere but equally as welcoming to the reader and thinker.

And…here is the page from my sketchbook. (It’s a book of 8″ x 8″).

Library 4-20

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  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I have been a library lover since I was barely able to read and the library was in the basement of a church in our small town. I miss being able to visit them very much (I go to my local libraries for books and the community college or other local college libraries for a place for weekly poetry writing).

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