ATC’s Featuring Drawings

Here are a couple of artist trading cards featuring line drawings, plus an item done on a library card, from April 2020. Take a look.

This one features a drawing I did on a scrap of paper and later affixed to a card, along with some other papers.

ATC small green and blue scene01


Here is a tiny drawing I did as a try-out for an illustration I did some time ago. It was on another piece of paper that I cut out and glued to the cardboard backing, plus taking the opportunity to add more detail to it.

ATC small house and car 4-2002


Here is a lugubrious fellow lurking. That’s pretty much all I know about him. Done in acrylic paints with pen-drawn features.

Library card befuddled man 4-2003

14 thoughts on “ATC’s Featuring Drawings

  1. Sandra McCall

    Love the caption, “lugubrious fellow lurking”. And, especially the fact that there is nothing else known about him. That cracked me up.

    The top picture with the black and white base, an accent of lime green, and a tiny splash of bright blue would make an awesome room color scheme.

    As always, cool artwork! 😃

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