Family Residence

A focus of my 2021 summer art is drawing and sketching. I’ve been away from it for a little bit while I was doing so much painting in the winter and spring. Now I am interested in chronicling, in a mild kind of way, my current life. Rather than dig through my photo archive for subjects I hope to choose scenes, however mundane, from what I am doing at the moment.

My process works this way: I go somewhere, I take photos, I draw something.

Yes, that is it. I’m not much interested in drawing at the site: I like taking photos and I like covering a lot of ground wherever I might be, so sitting and drawing generally doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer to be at home and work from the pictures I took.

This way I get to enjoy both photography and the pen.

Here is a recent drawing. It’s the home of my son, daughter-in-law, and their marvelous baby. It’s in a row on a shady street, very pleasant place! We visited not long ago and I worked from a photo I took then. I show you the image on its page in the sketchbook and then cropped, since the picture didn’t take up all the page.

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  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    No, I don’t know this book but I will look for it because the subject interests me for a lot of reasons, not the least being how I feel sure my eyesight has shaped how I record my version of the world, and from and early age, not just visually but also with words. Thank you.

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