Landscape Class at Woodmere – Two

Over six weeks in June-July 2021 I attended an in-person landscape painting class at Woodmere Art Museum. We met each Friday for 3 hours and painted a scene from somewhere on the grounds.

Here’s another painting from the class for you to see.

Thank you to Marta, our instructor, and to all my classmates for a great experience.

In our second session, held in late June, I arrived a little early in order to choose a location (a practice I would continue for the rest of the sessions). I chose a grouping of trees along the edge of the front lawn – some were healthy and others not so much. I liked the look of the group – it was as if they were people assembled to wait for the bus, let’s say.

It was a very hot, very sunny day. There were harsh shadows and strong light. I tried to portray this feeling in my picture.

After this class I resolved to make sure I painted from a shady location from now on.

Here is the painting I did.

Woodmere Landscape Two, 6/21. 18 x 24, acrylics on Masonite.

Woodmere Landscape Two, 6/21

14 thoughts on “Landscape Class at Woodmere – Two

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I try not to be a difficult student, I don’t contradict and I try to follow class assignments but it’s also got to come from the real me every time.

  2. Nancy Bell Scott

    I love the colors you use here, and the trees look like they’re dancing. Sometimes when I look, the trees seem almost like crooked alphabet letters playing around with their own shapes. Very happy painting!

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. Some class members thought the same thing about the idea of the trees dancing. I like that. They did look to me as if they were a group and that they were in some sort of interaction. I also love th idea of the alphabet shapes. That gives me the idea to be looking at trees in this way, this winter.

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