Cloth Hanging

In the last month, July 2021, or so I’ve had a lot of ins and outs with family situations and my mind has been scattered. Well, life has its twists and turns. For some reason I found myself in my art work area one afternoon, confronting three bottles of fabric paint and some white cotton yardage.

I had originally bought the white fabric to make mask interiors. I’ve got a big collection now so this fabric is just hanging around. It’s maybe 44″ x 30″? 24″? I didn’t measure it. I just laid it out on the table and started painting. Did I mention that my fabric paints were black and white? Not enough scope of color for me, so I grabbed some of my acrylics paints. And, I have some acrylic paint markers – supposed to work on all surfaces, so things should be fine.

I started working at random, starting in the lower left corner. Now I have this image.

Next, I am going to decide what its next stage should be (I believe it will involve sewing). I showed it to a friend and she has some ideas. I’d welcome anyone’s suggestions here, too.Then one afternoon I will find myself in the basement again…what will happen this time?

19 thoughts on “Cloth Hanging

  1. Leonie Andrews

    Claudia, I have some ideas for machine stitching. I will take the time to copy your image and will draw some possible stitching lines for you. I think just a grid or straight lines by themselves could detract from the overall piece.

    Be back to you shortly.

  2. marissthequilter

    I sense there are strong feelings in this piece. And you mentioned adding sewing, which immediately caught my attention. If you quilt it (ha!) it would add even more depth to the image.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Sometimes just getting out the materials and starting in is what it takes. I did buy more fabric markers. They are cheap and fun to use. I hope to try more of this kind of thing with them – the closely woven cloth worked well for it (vs T shirt material which was a bust).

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    I’m tossing ideas around in my head, Leonie who you may know has given me some things to consider, and that has led to more ideas…The piece does need some weight to it and finishing. Within the limitations of my eyesight and my skills, I will get there. I am enjoying thinking about it. I also bought a couple of sets of the fabric markers. They were cheap and fun to use. Now who knows where that will take me???

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