Claudia McGill paints in acrylics, creates collages and mixed media art, and draws in pen and ink. She also does other things – writes poetry, runs, mows the grass, and reads a lot. Loud sudden noises bother her, and she’s not that fond of candy.

Why does this blog exist? You can ask her – but here’s what she said in the first post:

I came to making art later in life, and it’s more than my other self by now – my paints, papers, clay, glazes, and brushes are familiar friends and essential to me. I do some art pretty much every day in one form or another, and now I wonder how I got along before I stumbled into this way of life.

I enjoy the process of making art. Once it’s done, it goes out into the world and then it belongs, in every way, to someone else. But it leaves behind the memory of its creation, the satisfaction in doing so, and the motivation to repeat the process in one form or another.

My motto is,
“Give it a try and see what happens”.

I have a couple of other blogs, if you are interested:

My poetry blog: Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

My personal blog: Sometimes You Get So Confused

59 thoughts on “About

  1. tedgiffin

    I wanted to share my thoughts on your Art. I love your attitude, to just do it, play with the art, and see what happens. Your small color works translate into your hand-built clay pieces, like characters interacting with each other from within your imagination. All these bright colors and happy themes, translated into pottery on rocks, and apparently things you find. My family is from Belmont County Ohio. I know the area around Allentown. So much blown out factories and tons of coal mines, shells of coal mines. Your take on it is a little different from mine. I used to work in clay, doing raku fires. I never really became proficient with throwing on the wheel, I guess I should just use the Light Side of the Force on it. Clay is so messy, and there is this weird time constraint with moisture and all. Gotta do it in stages. I suppose I will stick to my pencils. Appreciated what you have done!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my work and to give me such nice comments. I really enjoy all the things I do and that’s why I do them, and it means a lot to me when someone sees them and appreciates them. Art has really saved my sanity, I think, and there is always something new to try. Experimentation and the unknown keep me going!

    I understand what you mean about clay and its messiness and then as you said, the time element and the many stage work has to go through. In a strange way I like all this about it – it’s different from the other things I do. Keeps me practicing patience! And seeing things progress step by step, with some successes and failures standing right next to each other in the kiln.

    Thank you again for looking at my work and taking the time to let me hear these nice things.

  3. tedgiffin

    Art for me, even when I was a child in preschool, was a healing catharsis. I am enjoying the online community of artists throughout the planet. Of course, it does not replace person to person communication. I can say confidently that Visual Art is alive and can even be made for a decent living. take care!

  4. Kim Ruby, Willow Grove Bible Church/FRESH GROUND Coffee House

    I think you are awesome – would love to know you are doing!

  5. Claudia McGill Post author

    Hi Kim, this made my day. I have thought of you often. I will write an email to say hi in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for remembering me!

  6. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I don’t participate in awards as far as the answering questions and so on, but – I am very touched and grateful for your selecting me, and I want to say thank you. !!!

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