Claudia McGill paints in acrylics, creates collages and mixed media art, and draws in pen and ink. She also does other things – writes poetry, runs, mows the grass, and reads a lot. Loud sudden noises bother her, and she’s not that fond of candy.

Why does this blog exist? You can ask her – but here’s what she said in the first post:

I came to making art later in life, and it’s more than my other self by now – my paints, papers, clay, glazes, and brushes are familiar friends and essential to me. I do some art pretty much every day in one form or another, and now I wonder how I got along before I stumbled into this way of life.

I enjoy the process of making art. Once it’s done, it goes out into the world and then it belongs, in every way, to someone else. But it leaves behind the memory of its creation, the satisfaction in doing so, and the motivation to repeat the process in one form or another.

My motto is,
“Give it a try and see what happens”.

I have a couple of other blogs, if you are interested:

My poetry blog: Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

My personal blog: Sometimes You Get So Confused

59 thoughts on “About

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Oh, you have just made my day. Maybe my week! I have written poetry all my life but only in the last 2-3 years did I have the time, inclination, and courage to actually put a focus on it. And it’s made a real difference to me. Having readers like you is something I still can’t believe is happening. Thank you!

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  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. And I LOVE IT. Both as a pair and standing on its own. The arrangement of the features, I really took the time to see how they were placed, because they are just perfect, in making it look real and yet – so – out there. And then the way the hand is incorporated, it is part of the face. But not. I’m still puzzling over this and in a good way. Wow! Thank you.

  4. Kathy Urban

    Hello Claudia, I hope this finds you well. I enjoy your tiles, and thought perhaps you could make an orienteering tile for me (as a paid commission, of course).

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