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Rotational Energy

You may remember that I make lots of small tiles with abstract patterns on them – each one is about 2″ x 2″. I sell these in shows for a modest price and people buy them for many uses.

They can be assembled into a grouping, if you select a crowd of them, or one alone can become a refrigerator magnet, let’s say, with the addition of a small magnet glued to the back, or just a little token to keep in your purse or on your desk. I just make the tiles and let them go on their way.

Here’s a large group of the kind of tiles I am talking about (from May, 2018):

Clay tile 2 x 2 5-18 Group 1

And, if a child comes to my booth with limited funds, these are within almost anyone’s budget. Although if you are a kid and you come into my booth, I will work with whatever you have so that you can go away with something. It’s important to encourage young people who are enjoying art, I think.

Anyway, these tiles have no set up or down or sides to them. Once you have hold of it, you can see it anyway you want. I find that interesting. Here is a recent tile from July, 2019, in four different orientations. You decide which one you like best, or change it around from day to day.

Spin the tile and see what comes up!


Two Creatures and Ducks Fighting

I don’t give official names to my tiles. When I take a photo, I designate it with a description. I use whatever comes first to mind. This one is called “two creatures and ducks fighting”.

There you have it. There is some kind of story behind this flat statement and the accompanying image and I will leave it to you to create it.

I also had the thought that the ducks looked a little like those wooden Dutch shoes I first learned of in Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates, when I was young.

Take a look at this tile and see what you think.

Clay tile, fired at cone 06, low fire clay, Velvet underglazes, 2019.

Clay tile @ 7x7 creatures and two ducks fighting 1-191

An Almost Wordless Walk Through a Day at an Art Fair

Last Sunday, June 30, we spent the day at Newtown Welcome Day, Newtown, PA. I took my clay work. Here’s a series of photos from the day that chronicle how things look from my set up at a street fair from the start of the event (three hours before start, in our car waiting to get onto the cleared street to set up) to when the fair is in full swing.

Take a look. I hope to give you a feel for what a day on the street selling art entails.


The booth is ready for customers.

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The street fills with people.

I sit behind my display and watch the traffic in the street.

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I Start With Brown and Blue

When I color tiles using the negative space method (where I fill in around the shape rather than starting with the shape and coloring around it), I start with a layer of underglaze covering the whole tile. Usually I choose the Velvet underglaze by Amaco, Jet Black.

For this tile I did something different. I colored half the tile in chocolate brown and the other half in Medium blue. Then I set to work with my additional colors to create the images.

Clay tile, Velvet underglazes on lowfire clay, fired at cone 06, 7″ x 7″, 2019.

Clay tile @ 7x7 blue creature and plant 1-191

Heads It Is Today

Sometimes the head is all you need to show. Or all there is room for.

Low-fire clay, fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes, January, 2019.