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Here is a view of my kitchen.

And here it is, in pen with a little bit of gouache to color it, in my 8″ x 8″ sketchbook. Sometimes there is a good scene right in front of your eyes to draw. From August 2021.


One million years ago, in my college years, the following scene was very familiar to me. Here’s the story: I went to Bryn Mawr College, a short walk from the town center of Bryn Mawr, PA. This pharmacy, Parvin’s, was there then looking pretty much as it does now. It was on my regular shopping route of bank, card shop, and pharmacy, and is right down the street from the train station.

In July 2021 my husband and I went to the farmers’ market in the town square parking lot and I took this photo. The card shop is gone (it was next door) but the bank is still there. And Parvin’s! I made a pen drawing of the scene in my 8×8 sketch book.

Of course I have seen the building many times since my college years, but somehow it seemed that now was the time to set it more firmly in memory in this manner. I guess I am getting old and nostalgic.

Along Keswick Avenue

Here is a view of the side of a building on Keswick Avenue in Glenside, PA, in June 2021.

Here is the pen drawing in my 8×8 sketchbook. I had some trouble with the angles on this one, so I pulled out my gray pen to do some repairs. Somehow it scans as blue. I like the look so I didn’t correct it.

Garage Scene

This photo is of a corner in my garage. You can’t get more everyday life than that, can you?

I liked the look of this still life arrangement and I did a pen drawing of it. It was done in July, 2021 and is in my 8″ x 8″ sketchbook.

We Stand in the Store Window and We See You

Have you ever thought about the idea that the mannequins in store windows might be observing you and sizing you up?

This store window is on Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr, PA, and the display and photo are from June 2021. In keeping with my ongoing project of drawing scenes from my everyday life, I did a pen sketch. Here it is. It’s in my small sketchbook and is about 5″ x 8″ or so.

Beach Scene

You may remember that a few days ago I showed you a photo and drawing of me at Slaughter Beach, DE, where we went in July, 2021, for a day trip. Here’s a portrait of the beach as we saw it on this day.

And here is a drawing I made of it in my 5″ x 8″ sketchbook.

Electric Meters, Glenside PA

You know what, there are so many electric meters around and all of them pretty much seem to want to keep to themselves. But they cannot hide from me.

Note: a reader gently corrected me. These are gas meters. I knew that. Of course I did. The guys are so tricky. Never mind. I still liked drawing them!

Keswick Avenue, Glenside, PA, 6/21. Pen and ink in my 8″ x 5″ sketchbook.

Odd Lady

Here is a photo my husband took of me in July in Slaughter Beach, Delaware. I was not posing like this; he was just snapping some photos and caught me in this position. Well, why not immortalize it in pen and ink, I said to myself one night while lying on the sofa watching TV and getting ready to draw something.

So I did, giving it the time it deserved – about 30 seconds each. A couple of tiny blind contour drawings. I am fascinated by how this kind of drawing develops images that are strangely true and yet very far from reality.