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Woodmere Landscape Class: Epilogue 2

In my recent landscape painting class at Woodmere Art Museum I did a painting of the parking lot and some trees. I was interested in how I might depict the shadows on the pavement. Not knowing how things would go, I snapped a photo of the scene. Later on I did a pen drawing of the photo, just for fun.

It’s not from exactly the same angle as the painting, but I will show them both to you and you’ll see the connection. First, the photo:

Now, the drawing:

And here is the painting, to refresh your memory.

Here they are together. The drawing is about 5″ x 8″ and the painting is 18″ x 24″. I think it is interesting how I could get so much mileage out of a parking lot scene. The moral of the story is, never overlook the ordinary as a source of inspiration, I guess!

Woodmere Landscape Class: Epilogue 1

You may remember in my posts about my landscape class at Woodmere Art Museum I mentioned a painting I did (and destroyed later on) of the dumpsters. Well, I did do a drawing of it. I guess the purpose was to exorcise the demon, maybe, and show myself I could get a grip on this scene and depict it. Here is the photo:

And here is my little pen drawing. It’s about 8″ x 8″.

Well, maybe it’s not the best thing I have ever done, but it was satisfying to feel I did capture the scene, once and for all.

Black Paper and White Ink

Some time back I bought a pad of black paper. I put it in a cabinet and forgot about it until recently, when I noticed it while looking for something else.

I had recently bought a new white pen. I figured I’d do a little doodling to see how the pen worked, and if I liked using black paper. I drew objects I saw on the TV show we were watching as well as some fanciful embellishments. I don’t know who the woman is that I pictured – just drew a face and there she was.

I’m not that interested in the black paper but I like the white pen a lot. That’s my conclusion from this little foray. But, there are still pages left in the black paper pad. I am sure I will find something to do with them in due time.

I think that this page represents the idea of daydreaming, or ideas that flow through the mind with no order to them except what they make for themselves.

Southbound Toll Plaza on 95 in Baltimore MD

I’m trying to do a little more drawing. This summer (and on and on, for who knows how long, I guess until I get some new idea) I’m drawing recents sights from my daily life.

Here is a view of a toll plaza in Baltimore MD from a trip to Washington DC we made in May 2021. Pen and ink and the notebook is about 8″ x 6″ or so.

Scratch Art 7

More scratch art work inspired by a class I took at Woodmere Art Museum in spring 2021. Look here for the first post, which explains the origins of this inspiration and some general background on the medium.

This photo is of the view through a store window in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA

And below is the image. I selected what looked to me to be the dominating lines and shapes that made of the picture, and carefully though out how I would portray them. When I began the drawing process (and as always, I do no preliminary drawings on paper, I just start in on the board), I worked more slowly and with thought.

There are some areas I wish I could have done a bit better, but overall, I like how this one turned out. I feel the black/white balance is good, the composition has a flow to it that the black and white areas carry out well, and there are those mysterious feet…so the picture has a little intrigue to it.

Of course you know from the source image they are the feet of the mannequin, but in the art piece, well, you just don’t know, do you? I like that.

This finishes my first series of scratch art pictures. I have ordered more boards and will be doing this again. Soon.

Scratch Art 6

More scratch art work inspired by a class I took at Woodmere Art Museum in spring 2021. Look here for the first post, which explains the origins of this inspiration and some general background on the medium.

This photo is a view looking down from the long bridge over the Schuylkill on the Cynwyd Heritage Trail connecting Bala Cynwyd, PA, and the Philadelphia neighborhood of Manayunk.

I am medium pleased with this image. I feel there is a lack of complexity of line here, and therefore of tone. I was reminded of my problems with the Allentown warehouse picture, where I should have picked my details that I included more judiciously, and I held back on scraping more black away. I was not sure what I wanted to do. In the end, I decided to stop work and decide later if it is finished or not. I can always make amendments later on.

I do like the stark shapes and the clarity of this picture.