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Scrape Paint Across a Postcard

Both of these postcards, made in September 2020, have acrylic paint scraped across them to create textures or visual interest. What I do is take a plastic scraper (the kind you would buy to use in spackling – they often come in sets of three, in different sizes), put a blob of paint on the art, and scrape across the image.

In this way a layer of paint is laid down. You can make it as thick or thin as you like. I often use a knitting needle or the end of my paintbrush to scribble lines in it.

You can also use the technique as a printing method. Scrape out the paint, scratch or scribble or whatever in it, and then press it to another artwork. The design will be transferred.

As another idea, a scraped-paint background can be made very quickly and then you can draw, collage, or paint on top of it.

Go on, give it a try!

Soft Lines

These two postcards, made in August 2020, were done using a variety of printing methods. If you examine them you will see the characteristic soft lines of the printing method I learned from my friend Diane and that I’ve mentioned before.

You’ll also see bubble wrap and a cardboard coffee jacket (the corrugated interior) put to work. I used acrylic paints for my color.

Using more than one printing method gives some fantastic outcomes- I love the layers and the visual richness that can result.

More postcards from outdoor art time in June 2020

Here are a couple more postcards I made at the outdoor art session some friends and I held in my backyard in June, 2020.

Once again, they both include India ink and are drawn with a bamboo brush. As you can see, I left the first one in a simple black/white color scheme. I drew a lady holding her cat; that could be me. I have a cat I love very much.

The lady’s head in the second card – do I know her? No, I do not. But I feel she might be interesting to sit down with for a cup of coffee some day. I drew her in India ink and then added color with acrylic inks.

Shout out to my friend John G. I sent these cards, plus the two in the previous post, to him through the mail. All of them arrived in good shape. I encourage you to not only make postcards, but to send them! It’s fun for the sender and the receiver.

Outdoor Art Day postcards from June, 2020

Here are a couple of postcards I made during an outdoor 451 Art session, the one we did back in June, 2020.

I am not usually good at focusing on my work when I am with a group. So I try to make small items, or work on project stages that do not require all my attention.

That’s why postcards are perfect for when I’m working with other people. These two are drawn in India ink with a bamboo brush (everything that is black)

Then I used colored inks, acrylic paint markers, and art markers to add color. Some of this work I did at the session and other parts I added later at my leisure.

I like the way they turned out.