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Negative Space and Negative Emotions (Maybe. Or Maybe Not.)

Here is a mail art postcard made in 3/21. To create it, I covered the background in random colors and patterns. I then used India ink and a bamboo brush to wash around the figures and the little checkered floor they are standing on. Quick and easy.

I find when I do this process the figures take on a life of their own. These two may be having an argument, and I think the one on the left is no longer listening to the one on the right. In fact, she is walking away. Maybe to think happier thoughts?

Scrape Paint Across a Postcard

Both of these postcards, made in September 2020, have acrylic paint scraped across them to create textures or visual interest. What I do is take a plastic scraper (the kind you would buy to use in spackling – they often come in sets of three, in different sizes), put a blob of paint on the art, and scrape across the image.

In this way a layer of paint is laid down. You can make it as thick or thin as you like. I often use a knitting needle or the end of my paintbrush to scribble lines in it.

You can also use the technique as a printing method. Scrape out the paint, scratch or scribble or whatever in it, and then press it to another artwork. The design will be transferred.

As another idea, a scraped-paint background can be made very quickly and then you can draw, collage, or paint on top of it.

Go on, give it a try!

Soft Lines

These two postcards, made in August 2020, were done using a variety of printing methods. If you examine them you will see the characteristic soft lines of the printing method I learned from my friend Diane and that I’ve mentioned before.

You’ll also see bubble wrap and a cardboard coffee jacket (the corrugated interior) put to work. I used acrylic paints for my color.

Using more than one printing method gives some fantastic outcomes- I love the layers and the visual richness that can result.