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Zoom Through the Library Fast As You Can

Some more of those blur photos – the ones where I take the camera and sweep it across the scene. These photos are of books at the library at Chestnut Hill College and were taken in April and May, 2017.

Blurred Vision at Home

How about some more of those blurred photos, the ones where I wave the camera in front of this or that thing and see what happens?

These were done at home. First: tubes of paint piled on a table.

And here, my little green salt and pepper shakers, sitting on the kitchen counter.

Remember, all I did was move the camera, a simple point and shoot machine, nothing fancy. And nothing else is done to these photos. They just emerge.

Of course, there were many more images that were total flops. But when it works, well, I just love the surprises I get.

Library Scenes at High Speed

I am fascinated by blur photography these days (I don’t know if that is a name for it or not, but that’s what I call it). I’ve taken quite a few photos in this style and in this place – look here and here if you are interested.

More photos from Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College, 3rd floor, where I do my poetry marathons.

I will venture away from this location the next time I am in the library, I think, and see what I can do to some other parts of the building.

More Speed Reading

More scenes of the third floor stacks at Logue Library, Chestnut Hill College, in that speed reading style of photography – otherwise known as waving the camera across the scene really fast right after you click the button.

I was standing next to the window, eating my peanut butter sandwich (I’ve certainly made myself at home, haven’t I?) on the empty third floor on Friday, March 17 – when I thought of the earlier photos I made in this manner and decided to do it again.

Hey, why not?


Speed Read

Here are a couple of photos I snapped at the Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College, a few weeks ago, I think.

All I did was move the camera while taking the picture. I liked the look.

Garage Woman

Maybe I should really say, “Garage and Woman”.

I took this picture looking through the side window of my garage, in the middle of this summer, 2016. I like the reflection of the outside world mixed in with the interior view of the garage.

Nothing cosmic about this photo, just one of those times when you take a picture just to see what happens!


Random Photos

Here are some pictures I’ve taken in the last few months. There is no theme. There is no story. I just liked what I saw and photographed it.

None of these had any enhancements done to it; they are as they were and I saw them.

Slice of life kind of day for today’s post, I think!