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A Black and White Blur

Here is something a little different – a blur photo in black and white.

Chestnut Hill College Logue Library, September, 2017.


The studio it is a’shakin’ things up…

and what kind of ideas will it break loose in my head?

Blur photos of my studio, October, 2017.


I looked into the bottom of my blue coffee mug. There was a bit of dried almond milk in the bottom. I was compelled to take photos and turn it into something so that you could see what I saw – a moon in the bottom of my mug.

These are digitally enhanced photos. I typed “digitally enchanted” the first time, and maybe that’s what they really are.


Blurry Photos on Purpose

These blur photos were all taken at Chestnut Hill College in the Logue Library.

I make these images by waving the camera around and clicking the shutter on my point and shoot camera.

If you want to try this kind of thing, you get the best results with a slower shutter speed and/or a lower light situation. You need to give the camera time to know it’s blurring things.

This first group was from June, 2017.

And here are some more, from August, 2017. I’m hoping you are not getting dizzy.


A couple of photos from Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College. One is of a light fixture on the ceiling; all I did was point the camera at it and say “Hold still…”

The other one is a blur photo, where I have taken the camera and swooped it across the scene.

These were done in March and April, 2017.

Zoom Through the Library Fast As You Can

Some more of those blur photos – the ones where I take the camera and sweep it across the scene. These photos are of books at the library at Chestnut Hill College and were taken in April and May, 2017.