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Installation Art — AnniePod Artblog

Hello everyone, I wanted to share this – it is a post from my friend Diane’s new blog. We met at an art show in New Hope, PA, about 20 years ago, and we have been art and personal friends ever since. I feel lucky to know her.


Probably the first thing I should do here is describe Installation Art for readers who may have heard the term (or maybe not) but never quite knew what it was. Installation art is a themed exhibition that takes up an entire space, is temporary, and generally is not marketable unless an institution purchases the whole […]

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Articulated People

I made these artist trading cards by painting backgrounds and then cutting out people parts and arranging them into figures. Presto! An instant crowd.

I like the sense of movement they have.

Artist trading cards, mixed media, November, 2017.

indiemade craft market, December 2 – Here’s the wrap-up

Here’s where I was on December 2, the indiemade craft market…

Claudia McGill, Artist

Yesterday, I participated in the indiemade craft market in Allentown, PA, a long-time favorite show of mine. The event was founded by Ann and Teri ten years ago, and I’ve been in nine of them. It’s a holiday party for me, I always feel; I see many art friends there as exhibitors and I have been lucky to find customers who return to see me year after year and who have become art friends as well.

Ann and Teri are retiring from the show this year and turning it over to Ken and Ron, who have a studio/shop, Mercantile Home, in nearby Easton, PA, as well as a lot of other art ventures that reach out into the community (they explain it better than I can: look here.) There is a sadness about saying goodbye to the founders and the hope that we will be seeing them still (I…

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Insider Art – Bloomfield Farm at Morris Arboretum – what happened!

Where I was on October 15…

Claudia McGill, Artist

Yesterday, Sunday, October 15, my husband and I participated in the Bloomfield Farm Day Insider Art and Craft Show.

Bloomfield Farm is part of the Morris Arboretum, located about 15 minutes from my house. We are members, which is how I was able to participate – exhibitors are all staff or members of the Arboretum.

Bloomfield Farm is a section of the Arboretum that is not generally open to the public to wander, though it contains the education center in which classes are held. There is a historic grist mill which has been restored by volunteers on the site as well as research projects in progress on the grounds.

This event allows the public to see the site, visit the art and craft show, listen to music, and tour the ground and building. The grist mill also goes into operation and is open for tours.

OK. I’d never done this…

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Bur Oak

I took some portraits of acorns with my point and shoot camera – the photos are at the end of this not-too-long post from my personal blog. I pass these on here, on my art blog, with the justification that they are photography, but mostly I did it because the acorns are so beautiful, I felt the need to make portraits of them, rather than just snapping a few photos to illustrate the post. Look at these shapes and the colors. Just a marvel, and thank you to my little camera.

Sometimes You Get So Confused

On Sunday morning, September 24, my husband and I took a walk in Norristown Farm Park. I’ve written a lot about this park, especially recently. We are exploring here, though we have been acquainted with the location for some years.

If you are interested in some information about this fascinating site, the former farm attached to Norristown State Mental Hospital, look here for a start.

Anyway, today we were walking. Near the former dairy barn and milk processing area, now the park offices we came upon a snowstorm of these odd items scattered on the ground underneath a tree.

They were just littered thick under our feet. I picked one up. I peered at it. An acorn. Yes, it was.

Here they are in the tree.

There was a little info plaque nearby. We learned that this tree is a bur oak (or burr, sometimes spelled). This particular tree has…

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Fine Arts and Crafts Festival, Swarthmore – Take a Look — Claudia McGill, Artist

Well, everyone, this festival is history, and a nice memory it has turned out to be. Let me tell you about it. The event is put on by the Community Arts Center, Wallingford, PA, but is held in the downtown section of Swarthmore, PA, just down the road. Swarthmore is a small borough and home […]

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Blurry Photos on Purpose

These blur photos were all taken at Chestnut Hill College in the Logue Library.

I make these images by waving the camera around and clicking the shutter on my point and shoot camera.

If you want to try this kind of thing, you get the best results with a slower shutter speed and/or a lower light situation. You need to give the camera time to know it’s blurring things.

This first group was from June, 2017.

And here are some more, from August, 2017. I’m hoping you are not getting dizzy.