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Popular Blues

Sometimes I like to take a paint color brochure and draw in it – I use the names of the colors to inspire the tiny drawings. The photo, well, I just added in what I thought might look nice.

Done in April 2018.


Portrait Gallery

I did a lot of artist trading cards in February and March, 2018. Here is an assortment of portraits of people from my imagination. Take a walk along this little gallery and see if anyone looks like a person you’d like to meet?

Sheep and Bunny

The title tells all.

Clay tile, 4″ x 4″, Velvet underglaze on commercially made terracotta tile, fired at cone 06.


Cat tiles made in January, 2018.

Clay tile cats #1 1-18001

I like cats.

Yes, I do.

Clay tiles three cats 1-18001


Here are those small tiles you have been reading about in the Art Diary. The whole group presents itself for your inspection!

Assortment of low-fire white clay or terra cotta clay, fired at cone 06. Velvet underglazes for the colors. April 2018.

Look here for Art Diary references: April 6 and  March 30 and March 23