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Tile Festival Last Weekend – A Few Photos

We were at the Moravian Tile Works in Doylestown, PA, last weekend for the annual Tile Fest. Held on the grounds of the Tile Works with Fonthill, the home of founder Henry Mercer, a few hundred yards away, the festival is an annual event featuring only tiles.

It takes place in two large tents. Attendees can see all kinds of tiles, from traditional work reminiscent of  Mercer’s tiles to contemporary work (like mine).

I like this show for the interesting crowd that attends and the pleasant and easy atmosphere of the show. The organizers even give the exhibitors a dinner on Saturday night. We sit outside and have a chance to talk with our fellow tile-makers. I’ve been doing this show for about ten years and by now I know many of the vendors. I really enjoy the social aspects of the show as much or more as the exhibiting of my work, and I am grateful to the Bucks County parks department and the Tile Works for how welcome they always make me feel.

Some photos.

Here I am on Saturday morning. I am wearing a T-shirt brought back for me by two friends who visited Tasmania – as the words outlining the animal say, it’s my token devil T-shirt! I have a tiny superstition for clothes I wear to shows – I like to choose something that has good associations for me or that I particularly like wearing, for good luck and happy feelings no matter how the show goes.

Tile Fest 2019 (2)

The inside of the tent. The last photo shows my table set-up and features my husband talking to a shopper.

And here is a little of the outside, showing the courtyard of the Tile Works building and of course, the very necessary funnel cake/sausage/fair food pit stop.

I’ve done several posts discussing this show and the Mercer complex of museums in Doylestown. You can search under “tile festival” on this blog or for last year’s event, look here and scroll down through the post until you see the info.

For information on the museums and/or Henry Chapman, look here. If you are ever in the area, I strongly urge a visit to all three sites – they are very close to one another (Fonthill and Tile Works are on the same grounds, the Mercer Museum a couple of miles away) and totally unique.


Inspiration from a Post Card – Yes

If you follow my poetry blog you know I use all kinds of things for an idea-sparking moment. Including this postcard I made in February. It was a failed painting that I drew on. Then I wrote about it. Oh my goodness, this little piece of paper has had some influence way beyond its wildest hopes, that’s for sure.

Here is the postcard:

Postcard 2-19 Rooftop1

Here’s the post where I wrote about the poem-writing experience (look at the second half of the post where I set out some poems from the day’s writing).

And here is the poem:

A Simple Repair

Hesitant but
carrying out a necessary confrontation
on the roof of the house
in a nice suburb
a skinny lady in black pants
asks the workman
when the job will be finished
He gives her a blank look
calculating some increased hourly charges
to recompense him for this aggravation
while the skinny lady’s ancient mom
stares stony-faced out the window
and she thinks:
Ruthie is never firm enough
if only I could still climb a ladder
I’d get a grip on that man’s collar
you bet that roof repair
would be done tomorrow
superior quality of work
at a discount price. Yes it would.

In the living room Sneekle
a mammal of unknown style
consenting to live in this house
classified as a pet by the other inhabitants
though in reality nothing of the kind
stares with longing
at the non-gregarious houseplant
with whom
he would like to
strike up an acquaintance and
if things don’t work out
eat it.

There you have it
one minute after ten o’clock
on a weekday morning
Look at those rain clouds roll in.


Reading: Thaw Out Your Lonely Heart

Reading: Thaw Out Your Lonely Heart
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This analysis of a recent painting by Yul At YKCrafts interests me because it gives me a glimpse into what another person saw and felt from an artwork I created. Art as communication and community once again. I am grateful. Thank you to Yul. And to all who view my work and who make work for me to participate in in turn.

Landscapes on a Distant Planet

Maybe some day we will travel there and see these places in person, locations that so far only exist in imagination.

I made these mail art postcards by gessoing scrap cardboard cut to postcard size and then painting with acrylics. Made in February, 2019.

Why Not Paint Some Flash Fiction? Stories from February 25-28

The Flash Fiction February 2019 event is over now, and here’s a wrap-up of my thoughts on the last four stories. I meant to reblog all the wrap-ups but got distracted – so for previous ones, check my poetry blog, where this one originated. Thanks for reading!

Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

You may know that I am an artist as well as a writer of poetry, and that I have an art blog, Claudia McGill and Her Art World , in addition to this one. Recently I’ve completed a set of illustrations for a writing project, 28 days of flash fiction at Fictive Dream, an online magazine devoted to the short story.

The event is called Flash Fiction Februaryand is going on right now, with a new flash fiction story each day. I’m showing you the artworks and presenting a short analysis of how I interpreted the story in paint, inks, and collage. I hope that once you look over what I’ve set out here, you will visit Fictive Dream and read the stories!

If you want to know more about the artwork side of the project, my art blog is currently featuring the artworks I did plus some posts…

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