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Awkward Clay Mug

I made this mug in my clay studio class in October, 2019, and it took me about 10 minutes or less to form.

Roll out a slab of Standard clay #112, a sandy-color clay with small specks. Fold it into a cylinder, put a bottom on it, attach a handle.

Bisque fire it. Then double-dip glaze it. Fire it again at cone 6. Done.

I used opalescent and some other glaze (can’t remember, did not write it down!) and overlapped them to create three colors on this mug.

It is bottom-heavy and off-shaped. Somehow it still manages to appeal to me. I have decided to spend some time in making mugs in this next session of classes. This little guy is my inspiration to see what I can make of the form.

Potheads in Progress and Finished

I made a group of pothead vessels for my friend John G. He’s got some plans for them involving plants, and I know the potheads will be happy, because John has a green thumb.

Here they are in progress, just formed:

and finished – a couple of views.

And the others:

Clay figurine vessels John G 10-19 Group 2 view 13

Keswick Avenue Portrait

I like drawing from photos. It allows me to make a sketch anywhere and anytime. And while my pen moves around the paper I revisit the scene in memory, feeling the sun, the rain, the humidity, hearing the traffic sounds and smelling lilacs or wood smoke or diesel…

Here is a photo of the train overpass on Keswick Avenue in Glenside, PA, in September 2019. I don’t remember exactly why I was here, because it is a stretch of sidewalk I travel very often. I think I was in the neighborhood to get my hair cut or to go to the dentist.

Here’s the photo:

Glenside 3 4-10-191

Here is the sketch I made in my notebook some days later:

Car on Keswick Avenue 9-191

This picture says “home” to me.

A Vessel made in my studio clay class

Here is another vessel I made in my studio clay class at a local art center. It’s the first thing I worked on back in September.

Originally I wanted to make a coffee mug. It came out a little large, but if you were an enthusiastic hot beverage drinker, the more the better, right? It also had a loopy handle that I liked.

Well, in the bisque firing the handle fell off so it became a vase or something like that. All good, it didn’t really matter to me.

To create the vessel I rolled out a slab and poked it with some wooden dowels I had. Then I made it into a cylinder and added a bottom (and the ill-fated handle).

After the first firing, I dip glazed it to make three color areas. I waxed its bottom so that glaze would not adhere in that area. Then I used a gloss black and an opal glaze. I held the mug at an angle and dipped it, bottom first, into the first glaze, swished it, and then poured it out of the interior, letting it set up for a minute.

Then I rotated the vessel and, this time holding it with tongs, repeated the first step with the second glaze, overwashing an area of black glaze while covering all of the rest of the vessel.

Then the item went back through the kiln and emerged looking like this. I am showing you the three colors that emerged – black, opal, and a beautiful blue that resulted from the interaction of the first two colors. The first picture shows where the seam was made and where the handle was to go.

Here is the inside. You can really see the interaction of the colors here. You can also see that I poked out some indentations on the interior, as it just seemed to me that it might be something interesting.

Clay vase three tone 10-19 #44

Profile Views in Common

Here are two tiles from August 2019. I have a fondness for the profile view, don’t I? These tiles feature a person in that position but then they diverge.

Low-fire clay, colored with Velvet underglazes, @7″ x 7″, fired at cone 06.

Three Tiles Born at the Same Time

…along with a lot of other ones, in July 2019. I’m trying to catch up on posting tiles and there are a lot of them! But these are all that I have not shown you from July 2019.

They are low-fire white or terracotta clay, fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes. The top two are about 7″ x 7″ and the bottom one is about 7″ x 6″.