Skeleton Man in a Pink Kind of Mood

Oh yes, a pink kind of mood.

Clay tile, @ 7″ x 7″, fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes, January 2019.

Clay tile @ 7x7 skeleton man in the pink 1-20193



Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. I don’t know. You ask him.

Clay tile, @ 7″ x 3″, terracotta clay fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes, January, 2019.

Clay tile @ 7x3 octopus 1-20191

There Are Always More

Here is an assortment of @ 2″ x 2″ clay tiles I made in January, 2019. I can’t stop making them, it seems – and why not, when they are so much fun? The small size keeps the design work simple and the sheer number of them means I can try anything I want. Just perfect.

White or terracotta clay, fired at cone 06, using Velvet underglazes for the coloring.

Clay tiles assortment of 2-inch tiles 1-20191

Artist Trading Cards That I Can’t Remember if I Showed You or Not

I do believe the title of the post says it all. If I did, well, here they are again. The first one is done in acrylics and ink – another one of those where the random paint inspired the next step – and it ends up being a face.

The second one was a little drawing I made some time back in pen and ink, and now I made it into an ATC, because I liked the look of it and didn’t want it to get lost.

More Landscape Studies

A fancy name for some doodle landscapes but – I do feel eventually I will translate these into paint and/or ink on a larger scale. Right now they are about 4″ tall. And as the second one shows, you can put a landscape over anything, even a note to yourself. Although I like the idea, the print/handwriting, I mean, and I might do the same thing to my eventual paintings.

Oh, I need to make a note of that…!

Why Not Paint Some Flash Fiction? Stories from February 25-28

The Flash Fiction February 2019 event is over now, and here’s a wrap-up of my thoughts on the last four stories. I meant to reblog all the wrap-ups but got distracted – so for previous ones, check my poetry blog, where this one originated. Thanks for reading!

Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

You may know that I am an artist as well as a writer of poetry, and that I have an art blog, Claudia McGill and Her Art World , in addition to this one. Recently I’ve completed a set of illustrations for a writing project, 28 days of flash fiction at Fictive Dream, an online magazine devoted to the short story.

The event is called Flash Fiction Februaryand is going on right now, with a new flash fiction story each day. I’m showing you the artworks and presenting a short analysis of how I interpreted the story in paint, inks, and collage. I hope that once you look over what I’ve set out here, you will visit Fictive Dream and read the stories!

If you want to know more about the artwork side of the project, my art blog is currently featuring the artworks I did plus some posts…

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Flash Fiction and Paint and Color and Ink and Paper – 2/28/19

Flash Fiction February 2019 – twenty-eight days of short short stories, an event taking place at Fictive Dream, an online fiction magazine featuring short stories. My part in the event? I did a small abstract painting as the illustration for each story. I’ll be showing one of them to you each day in February to accompany the story on Fictive Dream.

Today’s story is “Malachy”, by Niamh McCabe. Check out the illustration, then go to Fictive Dream and read the story.

Here is the image, with the banner:


Image 53 Fictive Dream 1-4-19 2019 small

and on its own.


Image 53 Fictive Dream 1-4-19 2019 small