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Not Exactly a Forest, But…

Trees are nice no matter how many there are of them.

Acrylics on ATC-sized Claybord, done in April 2018. Art Diary reference here.

Trees 4-18 2.5 x 3.5005


More Articulation Please

Here is an assortment of artist trading cards from February and March, 2018. Some more of those articulated people, articulating…

That Big Round Ball in the Sky

A sun or moon in the sky is a favorite recurring theme of mine. Here are postcards from March 2018 that show you some more examples of sun or moon (even I don’t always know which is which, or maybe, both at the same time?)


Space Visions

These postcards feature my version of somewhere in space, very far away…that I would like to travel to in my starship.

They were done in March, 2018.

Trees Oh Trees

I made this group of tree portraits to test out white vs. black gesso. Look here for the Art Diary reference as to their creation.

Can you tell which ones started off on a white base and which ones were done on black?


These artist trading cards from February, 2018 – well, they are a streak of paint and then some, maybe.