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People Cram Themselves Into a Car

Here are some more people hopping in the car for a road trip.

I based the composition on the photos I have been taking at the intersection of Butler Avenue and Spring Garden Street in Ambler, PA, on my way to Poetry Marathon sessions at Montgomery County Community College. I’ve sort of gotten a tradition going of photographing this intersection as I wait at the light there.

Here’s the intersection:

And here is the tile.

Local Sights

These two paintings, done in November 2017, are based on locations near me and that I see so often I wonder at the fact that I still find them interesting. But I do. It’s because something small changes every day.

I’ve captured just one day in the life of these places.

As usual, I have made some changes from photo to painting, but – I think you can see the bones of the inspirations.

I’ll start with the intersection of¬†Spring Garden Street and Butler Avenue, Ambler, PA. If you follow my poetry blog you know that I have made a little occasion of photographing this intersection as I wait at the light there on my way to Montco for Poetry Marathon sessions.¬† Here’s one of those photos:

and here is the painting (acrylics, 12″ x 18″)

“Leaving Downtown”

And the second location is closer to my home – a repair shop I pass almost every day, at Jenkintown and Baeder Roads, Glenside. Photo:

and here is the painting: (acrylics, 12″ x 18″).

“Local Garage”


Sunshine Photos Part Five

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to a play in a local theater. It was called “Unnecessary Farce” and it was hilarious.

I like going to plays. I’m surprised at that, because I don’t like movies, and I usually have a hard time sitting still through a concert or speech or that kind of thing. But at a play, well, I get very absorbed into it and the time flies. I think it may be because it’s all so immediate and the story flows on. Plays are designed to work this way as opposed to movies, with their more fragmented way of presenting a story.

Anyway, I took a couple of pictures at the theater. Both of these I later played around with – I wanted to express the dreamlike nature of watching a play, I guess? Because that’s how they both turned out. The first one is the stage set at the end of the play. In the second one, I layered a picture with people in it over one of the stage setting.

One thing I really like about the theater is the contrast of the dark area we audience member occupy vs. the brightly lighted sharp-as-daylight stage – for the time we are in the theater the play is real life and the audience is suspended in obscurity. It’s interesting to think about.

Anyway, the play was a lot of fun and so was remembering it through these photos.