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Not Exactly a Forest, But…

Trees are nice no matter how many there are of them.

Acrylics on ATC-sized Claybord, done in April 2018. Art Diary reference here.

Trees 4-18 2.5 x 3.5005


Real Estate Tour

Little houses for a cozy place to live?

Acrylics on Claybord, ATC-sized. Done in April 2018. Art Diary reference is here.

Just Kind of Hanging Back and Waiting

This ATC came about in its own way. The lenses of the glasses were actually two dots of ink on gray paper. I drew the face around them, but…there was not enough gray paper.

Where is the rest of this guy? Does it matter? He looks pretty satisfied.

Artist trading card, November 2017.

ATC #13 11-17005

Relax Here, Yes, You

These two ATC’s seemed to go together. The person kicking back and the plant so perky. I’d like to be there, too.