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Artist Trading Cards That I Can’t Remember if I Showed You or Not

I do believe the title of the post says it all. If I did, well, here they are again. The first one is done in acrylics and ink – another one of those where the random paint inspired the next step – and it ends up being a face.

The second one was a little drawing I made some time back in pen and ink, and now I made it into an ATC, because I liked the look of it and didn’t want it to get lost.

Swirly Abstract Prints

These artist trading cards were made in March, 2018. To create them, I painted backgrounds, in acrylic paints, on recycled cardboard cut to ATC size. Then I painted a thick-ish layer of paint on another surface, scribbled in it with a knitting needle, and then printed it on to the ATC. Voila! Swirls.

Tiny Storm and Tiny Houses

The post title tells you all you need to know.

Artist trading cards, March 2018.