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Lips and Numbers

Here the two go together quiet nicely. You don’t usually think of these nouns together, but I bet you could make a story out of them, couldn’t you?

Artist trading cards from February 2018.

More Articulation Please

Here is an assortment of artist trading cards from February and March, 2018. Some more of those articulated people, articulating…

I Raise My Arms to the Sky

or in one case, my wings…

Artist trading cards from February and March 2018.

Portrait Gallery

I did a lot of artist trading cards in February and March, 2018. Here is an assortment of portraits of people from my imagination. Take a walk along this little gallery and see if anyone looks like a person you’d like to meet?

ATC Array of Strays

Let me bounce the ball into the ATC section of the playing field. I have a lot of these lying around right now, too. I’ll start with these cards made between January and March, 2016. I’ve collected up some strays – ones that seemed to have no or few companions. I mention this as an oddity because I tend to make ATC’s in series – not just one at a time. Well, maybe these had friends at the outset and have gotten separated. As a reward, then, I’ll describe them individually.

First up, a bird. I took random paint blobs and drew around them and a bird appeared.

ATC #2 1-22-16 Bird and red surroundings small

This card evolved from the opposite direction РI drew the buildings first (using India ink) and then colored them in (using acrylics). I pasted the drawing on to the cardboard card and voila! ATC!

ATC townhouses 3-16 small

Here is a favorite technique – I painted in white acrylic paint on the shiny side of the ATC (originally from a cereal box). Then I used an old knitting needle to scratch out a tree. I love how the print from the original surface emerges – I never know what the final image will reveal from below the paint.

ATC Group 3 1-31-16 #1 small

These are two cards made from specially-prepared scratch ATC cards. I bought a whole stack of blank ones, black they are when I start off, and some tools to scratch them with. I will need to work more with this method to know what I think of it, but so far, so good. I’m interested because I like the look of the finished piece and I know that there are products more substantial than card, such as board, that I could work on to make bigger artworks. I think it could be a technique with a lot of drama. So, I plan to use these ATC’s as practice in learning how to use the tools. Also, I’ll mention, I needed a spray fixative at the end to make sure the image did not rub off any more.

ATC - Scratch cards 3-16 small

ATC’s From January 2016 – Monster and House

I do not know if the monster lives in this house or not.

ATC’s From January 2016 Featuring the Color Yellow

Among other colors, of course, but yellow is what stands out to me in these little images.