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Real and My Real: Farm

Here’s the real – the Dixon Meadow Preserve, an open space area that is  part of the Whitemarsh Foundation, located about 15 minutes from home. It’s a beautiful peaceful space.  I wrote a post about a visit I made there in early October, when I took this photo.

Now, here is my painting of this scene. It was done in acrylics, 18″ x 24″, on wood board, also in October, 2017.

“Meander Farm”, October, 2017.

Looks Like Today

About a month ago I was waiting in the car in the parking lot at Lorimer Park while my husband finished up his run. My plan to practice sketching and a few free moments collided and sparked the idea of drawing to fill this little bit of time. So I pulled out my 6″ x 6″ sketchbook and got to work.

The scene is the corner of the parking lot – there is a fence and then the woods layer themselves behind it. At the park, I drew in pen, and I added the colors (Tombow and Prismacolor brush tip pen markers) at home.

Things still look pretty similar at the park – the trees are a jumble of yellows and greens and the undergrowth has disappeared, revealing the vertical lines of tree trunks crossed by skinny branches. I love the disorderly look the landscape has at this time of year and I hoped to capture that in this drawing.

I haven’t been using color in these sketches in my sketchbook, but I like the way this one looks. Hmmm… I feel some new ideas coming on, pen and ink and markers…


More Cards Inspired by Etegami

Here are some more postcards inspired by etegami, like the cats I did around the same time as these pieces. Here I took a word from the dictionary pages I used to cover the ad cards that form the background of the pictures. (That is, except for the picnic table – that’s a thought right out of my head, as I looked at my real-world picnic table in my back yard, all covered with leaves…).

It’s funny how a random word seems to fit the pictures I assign it to – I notice this again and again.

Remodeled #3

As I mentioned in previous posts, I reworked four 12″ x 12″ mixed media pieces – I’d started off as thinking of them as abstracts, and that’s how I did them. But – I just wasn’t satisfied, and I redid them with a bit more “reality” in them. Here is another one, “Traffic on a Rainy Day”. I picked it to show today because we are starting out on what promises to be a wet autumn day.

Fairy Tale World

I have been working on some collage/mixed media pieces and have finished a group of four, each 12 ” x 12″, on a 3/8″ board surface that came already primed. I painted randomly on each one of them and then added some papers I found interesting. At that point, the pieces began to diverge and I worked on one at a time, until all four were finished. This piece is the last one in this series.

I love fairy tales and I always have. I love the drama, the magic atmosphere, the oversupply of  kings, queens, princes, and princesses, the danger, the quests, the tasks, and the stark and entirely believable illogic in so many tales (can someone’s hair grow to be the length of a tower? can a person be half-hedgehog, half-man, and still have friends?) It’s a vision of a world that appeals to me for some reason – there is a lot of mystery mixed right in with the everyday. Still waters often run deep in many tales.

The background I painted for this piece reminded me of an autumn sky, and so I put in some trees. I placed the figure among them, and then I knew she was running down a path. Add the somewhat ominous-looking birds, and you have a fairy-tale setting, I think. Now just think of a story…

"Running Through the Fairy-Tale Forest" 12" x 12" 2013

“Running Through the Fairy-Tale Forest”
12″ x 12″

Collage Art Book – “In November”

I created this book from a discarded library book. First, I glued 2 or 3 pages together throughout the book to make a better surface to collage and paint on. Then, I went through the book, working a page spread at a time (actually, at this stage, I worked on several books at once, because I needed time for each to dry). I painted and collaged as the mood took me, without any idea of what the final outcome would be, or what interpretation I would make of it once the book was done. After I had gone through the book once and each page had some artwork to show, I returned to pages that seemed to need more work, and let each one develop into an image that satisfied me.

Next, I looked through the book and let ideas form as to what to write. I have found in making these books that they have a common thread, but I have to figure out what it is. Usually I just let the images give me the ideas. I go through the book and create something for each page.

Then I put the words into print, paste them in the proper places, and paint the cover of the book.

Last step – deciding on a title.

I made this book last November, and my mind seemed to be on late fall themes.