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Portrait of a Beauty

This morning I parked my car in the lot at the end of the Pennypack Trail off Huntingdon Pike in Huntingdon Valley. My plan was to go for a run on the trail. I got sidetracked by this building next to the lot. I have often admired it but today it really seemed to be calling out to me – the light was soft on it and all the personality of this old factory structure shone out.

Before I started my run I took a lot of pictures, just walking back and forth along the one side of the building. I don’t know what it is being used for at the moment – I have the feeling it’s a giant jumble of industrial objects inside.

I’m not a photographer and I just meant to take some photos to use for references for paintings, maybe. But things got away from me – there is so much beauty just in the arrangement of the utilitarian elements of the building, and in the way it has weathered and aged. I had to take the time to look.

I didn’t do anything to the photos – they are just as I took them.

I’m not going to say anything else. I’ll just post the pictures in the order I took them. See what you think.

From One City to Another to Another

Here’s a recent mail art postcard. The church is in Allentown, PA, near a park where I do an outdoor art show each June. The words – some snippets left over from a recent session of collage poetry creation. They all related to looking or seeing. Put them together, that’s what I did, and I like the result. There is something mysterious about cut-off phrases, I think.

Another thing – I took this picture in one place, brought it to my place, and sent it to another place. For some reason that chain of events kind of interests me, too. A series of geographical phrases now in visual form, if you want to get fancy, maybe?

"What Did You See" mail art postcard

“What Did You See”
mail art postcard