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Commuters: Train and Bus

Wordless Scenes

A couple of tiles made in October, 2016.

They are terracotta tiles, rolled out by me to about 6″ x 6″; bisque; painted with a coat of Velvet underglaze and then the rest of the color work done. I scratched through the top layer to the black layer to make the outlines.

Terracotta clay, fired at cone 06.

Clay Tiles 6″ x 6″ – Food, Everyday Life, and Memories

These tiles were inspired by photos I took last Thanksgiving at the Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem, PA, where we had lunch.

And some more…from here and there.

More Paintings from the Fall of 2015

Here are some more paintings from last fall. These are all 8″ x 10″, done in acrylics on board that I gessoed myself to a slightly rough texture.

Once again, each painting comes from some scene in my life – read the captions to find out more.

Lots of Art Lined Up and Waiting

The Small Landscape Giveaway has occupied the painting space on this blog for a long time – all winter, in fact, right? So I have a lot of paintings that I’ve worked on since the fall to show you and I’ll start in right here.

These paintings are all 6″ x 6″ and done in acrylics on board – some with an applied gesso surface with a texture, some with smooth, and some that I gessoed myself with a slightly rough surface. I see that I was using up the tail ends of a lot of categories of board, wasn’t I?

These paintings were all done around the time of October, 2015. Many of them refer to actual sights I saw – look at the captions for more information, if you are interested.

Scrawling a Picture or Two

I bought a whole box of 8″x10″ birch boards and prepared them all with gesso. My intention was to paint a lot of small pictures using photos I took during the Sunshine Project or more recently as the inspirations.

I was thinking to try to be somewhat literal – meaning to follow the photo as closely as I could. In this way I am revisiting the location and the moment that I took the photo and evaluating the experience of being in that place. It is a good way to think about the small moments in everyday life that can get overlooked. This lesson is something I am trying to take forward with me from the Sunshine Project.

Things did not work out as I had thought, really. The part about taking time to absorb an experience is very valid, but the way I was going about it was maybe not quite right for me. I was once again reminded that I value my painting life for its lack of direction and structure. For the idea that what I paint does not have to make sense. I felt a bit trapped.

Still, what I also learned was – using the photos as a starting point and then adding or subtracting or amending made a good way of working. When I thought about things, I realized that once again it’s all in my attitude about the process. It’s up to me to decide how it goes. When I came to this conclusion, balance seemed to be restored to my art/painting/memory process, and I was happy.

Anyway. I started off a group of four paintings by quickly drawing in the outlines of shapes in black paint on the white background. I liked the way this looked. I think I would like to try painting with some watery acrylics later on.

Here is the finished foursome. Each painting has a meaning to me – they are all directly drawn from my everyday life.

Train Trip

About a year ago I made a train trip to Pittsburgh to visit my son. I spent the trip glued to the window. And I took notes in my little orange Rhodia notebook, though not with any real purpose in mind – maybe I thought it might jog my memory when describing the trip to my family and friends.

I thought of making a zine out of it because of a friend – a zine-maker herself. The trip seemed like a good fit for a zine. I was further encouraged by a visit to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, where there is a great zine collection (I eventually submitted mine to the library and it’s now in their collection).

Now a friend has posted it on the little orange notebook’s blog – she is the editor and a wonderful artist herself. Take a look if you’d like – the whole text is published. And if you want an actual copy, let me know and I’ll send you one.

Thank you to Stephanie, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and Katie!

And here’s a picture, not of a train, but of one of the things I really enjoyed on the trip – the buses in Pittsburgh are all different colors, and I loved seeing them moving around the city…
yellow bus #2

A Few More Small Paintings

Here are the last paintings from the group I did at the end of 2013, and I wanted to get them out here before this weekend – where I will take them, along with all my other paintings and mixed media, to a show in Allentown, PA – the Mayfair Festival of the Arts.

Just seemed to me that they deserved their moment!

They are all 6″ x 6″ on 3/8″ board, and as always, I am using acrylic paints.


Here are a couple more small paintings from December. Both of them feature public transportation, don’t they? I imagine myself taking a little trip when I look at them.

Acrylics on 3/8″ board.

Remodeled #1

A little while ago I did some abstract collages on 12″ x 12″ board, 3/8″ thick. You may have seen them posted in an earlier entry. I never could get happy with them. I guess I really don’t like making something that’s truly abstract – I tend to favor a skewed view of reality that maybe heads toward the abstract. Anyway, I decided to remodel these four pieces and I’ll post them one at a time along with their earlier incarnations.

And, I gave myself an assignment in creating these new views – they had to reflect the original title. No real pressing reason for that beyond the fact that I had already written the titles on the back of the pieces and I didn’t want to mark them out! But it turned out to be a lot of fun to do things this way – and after all, I had titled the original views as I did because they brought a certain scene or feeling to mind.

Here’s the first one: “Bus Stop”. I used a photo of a bus in downtown Pittsburgh that I took when we visited there in August as my model for the bus. The running figure – well, I’ve seen that person over and over again in my own city of Philadelphia, and I guess it’s not such an unusual sight, is it?