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Circles in Color

Let’s interrupt the black and white drawings and get some color going instead.

Here are two artist trading cards and a postcard. Subject: my favorite shape, the circle.

Ink Blots and What Do They Mean If Anything. I Think They Are Just Nice to Look At. That’s All. Part 1

Remember a little while back, I mentioned the new tool and materials I had stumbled on, the dip pen and India ink? Yes. Well, I have not forgotten about them – they’ve been following me right along as I did other things.

Let me explain. When I paint (in acrylics), I work fast and if there is paint on the brush and I want to change colors, well, the old color has got to go somewhere, and quick. Recently I’ve been using up some pads of Bristol board I had lying around for this purpose. I just brush the excess paint on a piece of the paper, not paying too much attention, as I am concentrating on the other paintings, the ones I am meaning to be doing.

Does this make any sense, or does it make me sound like a frantic multi-tasker? (Don’t tell me).

Anyway, then I started playing around with the “leftovers”. I added ink. I painted them purposefully, a little. I didn’t spend too much time focusing on them – I kind of worked on them, looking sideways, trying not to scare them.

Anyway, I’ve got a pile of them and I’ll post them in little groups. Kind of interesting to see what has emerged.

These examples are from November, 2015, and they have utilitarian titles because I didn’t expect to keep doing this kind of thing. You’ll see the ones later on have fancier names…

Anyway, here we are – experiments…

Circling Around

More paintings done on ad cards from my junk mail. I can’t stop making them. Thank you to the person who thought up ad cards and even better, sends them to me for free! I love their slick surfaces and how the underlying pictures and print influence how I paint.

Great way to calm your mind, making work like this.

I have a lot of postcards to show. This group here is the one full of circles.

Remember, if you’d like a postcard (not necessarily these, because I may have mailed some of these already, I don’t keep track…but one like them), send me your address (claudiamcgillart@gmail.com) and I’ll send you one. Why not? It’s fun to get mail.


Here are a couple more of those watercolory acrylics I’ve been doing. These are a little different – just shapes. Circles, to be specific. I like the feeling of making circles and I think that’s how these came about – I just let the brush do what it wanted to do.

These are each about 5″ x 7″ on Bristol board. I think I may send them as mail art postcards.