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Two Creatures and Ducks Fighting

I don’t give official names to my tiles. When I take a photo, I designate it with a description. I use whatever comes first to mind. This one is called “two creatures and ducks fighting”.

There you have it. There is some kind of story behind this flat statement and the accompanying image and I will leave it to you to create it.

I also had the thought that the ducks looked a little like those wooden Dutch shoes I first learned of in Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates, when I was young.

Take a look at this tile and see what you think.

Clay tile, fired at cone 06, low fire clay, Velvet underglazes, 2019.

Clay tile @ 7x7 creatures and two ducks fighting 1-191


An Almost Wordless Walk Through a Day at an Art Fair

Last Sunday, June 30, we spent the day at Newtown Welcome Day, Newtown, PA. I took my clay work. Here’s a series of photos from the day that chronicle how things look from my set up at a street fair from the start of the event (three hours before start, in our car waiting to get onto the cleared street to set up) to when the fair is in full swing.

Take a look. I hope to give you a feel for what a day on the street selling art entails.


The booth is ready for customers.

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The street fills with people.

I sit behind my display and watch the traffic in the street.

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Heads It Is Today

Sometimes the head is all you need to show. Or all there is room for.

Low-fire clay, fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes, January, 2019.

Tile Festival Last Weekend – A Few Photos

We were at the Moravian Tile Works in Doylestown, PA, last weekend for the annual Tile Fest. Held on the grounds of the Tile Works with Fonthill, the home of founder Henry Mercer, a few hundred yards away, the festival is an annual event featuring only tiles.

It takes place in two large tents. Attendees can see all kinds of tiles, from traditional work reminiscent of  Mercer’s tiles to contemporary work (like mine).

I like this show for the interesting crowd that attends and the pleasant and easy atmosphere of the show. The organizers even give the exhibitors a dinner on Saturday night. We sit outside and have a chance to talk with our fellow tile-makers. I’ve been doing this show for about ten years and by now I know many of the vendors. I really enjoy the social aspects of the show as much or more as the exhibiting of my work, and I am grateful to the Bucks County parks department and the Tile Works for how welcome they always make me feel.

Some photos.

Here I am on Saturday morning. I am wearing a T-shirt brought back for me by two friends who visited Tasmania – as the words outlining the animal say, it’s my token devil T-shirt! I have a tiny superstition for clothes I wear to shows – I like to choose something that has good associations for me or that I particularly like wearing, for good luck and happy feelings no matter how the show goes.

Tile Fest 2019 (2)

The inside of the tent. The last photo shows my table set-up and features my husband talking to a shopper.

And here is a little of the outside, showing the courtyard of the Tile Works building and of course, the very necessary funnel cake/sausage/fair food pit stop.

I’ve done several posts discussing this show and the Mercer complex of museums in Doylestown. You can search under “tile festival” on this blog or for last year’s event, look here and scroll down through the post until you see the info.

For information on the museums and/or Henry Chapman, look here. If you are ever in the area, I strongly urge a visit to all three sites – they are very close to one another (Fonthill and Tile Works are on the same grounds, the Mercer Museum a couple of miles away) and totally unique.

How About Looking at Four Cat Tiles?

My favorite subject, along with trees, maybe.

These tiles were made in January 2019 from lowfire clay fired at cone 06 and colored with Velvet underglazes.