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Not Exactly Understanding and Maybe Not Needing To

Here is another book. Short, but this time not so small – it’s about 8″ x 9″. It’s called “Dread” (I don’t know why such a gloomy theme, but that’s the way the words presented themselves to me!). Pictures of each page and then the written-out text are set out below.

I made this book from some little collages I worked on in one of my visits with friends this summer – you can see the originals here in Collage Afternoon. I didn’t know what to do with them and I didn’t want to lose sight of them – I did like the way they turned out. So, they became part of this book. To fill in the pages, I made some more collages that seemed to have the same mood. I also covered the blank spots on the pages with the existing collages in a way that I thought would unify the book and look well with the original work. See what you think.


brought me
the book.
but I cannot read.

I find the people gone
No one here.
I know
I looked

the memory
betrays nothing.
It’s forgotten

I’m not asking you
why come to me?
It doesn’t matter

I didn’t ask
What do you mean?
I don’t know.

I doubt if I could explain
why I thought
to be afraid

Didn’t you know that?
don’t you know that?

I think
I thought
I heard you
You said you
did not need me
that you can wait

I am afraid

I want to go
I make no reply.


I was struck by the similarities in how my poetry and art work look in process when I happened to put up photos on my collage poetry site of some poems in process. It seems that no matter what you are doing, if you find a way you like, you stay with it. I obviously felt I was working in related ways in words and pictures, since I call them both collage, but I never thought  to notice that it extended to how I physically manage the creations.  A bit of insight that I think will add to my enjoyment of the work.