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Animals and More

Here are some clay tiles done in October, 2017.

The theme here is animals, insects, birds…


Cat. Just a Cat. That is Enough.

A clay tile done in October, 2017. For details on the creation process, look here.

For details on what this cat is thinking…you will just have to guess. Cats do not tell.

Three With a Family Resemblance 

I often make several artworks at one time. This way of working keeps me from fussing too much with any one piece. That is something I find very easy to do. So I do it. You know what happens next – and it’s ugly.

Anyway, group sessions work well for me. You can often see a continuity of materials and mood in the pieces I work on together.

Here is an example. Three artist trading cards from June, 2017. Mixed media, acrylics, ink, and crayon.


A couple of artist trading cards. I made backgrounds from magazine papers, glued on the dark figures, and added details with India ink.

Animal Kingdom

These 4″ x 4″ tiles were done with Velvet underglazes on commercially-made terracotta tiles and left unglazed. Fired in January, 2017.


Tiles from December, 2016 – Group 6

I move to another category of tiles.

These next few groups are made from terra-cotta. They are tiles I rolled out myself, so they are irregular in size and shape, though all about 6″ x 6″. Each tile was fired, glazed, and then fired again. I’ve included a blank tile to show you what I started with.

Odd Fellows

I made some cylinder figures, with both closed and open top heads, in Art Camp Claudia McGill this summer, and I liked them. So here are a few more of the closed-top variety, made in October, 2016. They are smaller, about 4-5″ tall.