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It Just Goes On and On and On…

…and what is it? Well, one night I was watching TV and fiddling with the phone and got on to the Notes app and started scrawling and kept pushing the screen to get more space, I don’t remember exactly how I did that, anyway, just kept going and next thing you know I had this long thing and that’s the story.

Here it is scrunched down. Don’t know how it likes being squished like this but it’s easier to see now, right?

Details Details Details

I’ve been using my camera lot for the Sunshine Project, and along the way I’ve taken some pictures that I think are interesting, all on their own. And there are others that I’ve worked on a bit. Here are some samples.

This first group is shots of things that caught my eye and I’ve left them just as they were.

This next group is of pictures I thought were maybe not so good or that had some flaw, and I took it upon myself to see what I could do with them.

And here’s one that I went a little further on the path of “enhancement”! It started off as one of those photos of the parking lot and I added the lines and colors, then blurred it, and then maybe I did some more things – I don’t remember…

Microorganism. I think.

Microorganism. I think.