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More Dishcloths

Here are a few more entries from the Summer Dishcloth Extravaganza that’s been going on all season at my house.

I got some variegated yarns and have been trying them out in various color combinations, still using slip stitch patterns with a plain yarn. It makes interesting patterns as the colors travel through the pattern.

Then I have one here done in plain yarns, and another made up of leftover lengths plus some variegated. All kinds of effects – it adds a little zip to dishwashing to pull out a cloth that’s got some personality, I think.

Reporting for Duty

More knitted dishcloths. My summer knitting projects are going along just great!

I love these dishcloths. And, I can vouch for their usefulness and longevity – I got rid of all my store-bought ones about a year ago and switched to handmade. They have held up wonderfully, hold a boatload of suds, and go through the washer/dryer and come out as good as new.

So, who needs a dishcloth?

And, just to let you know, I have ordered some yarn for my fall/winter work – I make scarves for a charity giveaway a friend runs…

Get Clean

In the summer, I knit lighter things, and dishcloths made of cotton yarn suit me very well.

Nice Clean Dishes

Here’s a break from collage and clay. I knit a lot, and I’ve been doing so for the last 40+ years. I’ve made all kinds of items – sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats, afghans, slippers, toys — and dishcloths.

I make them during the summer. Small, quick, and light. I use a slipped stitch technique that lets me create two-color patterns without carrying yarn along the back. The slipped stitches also cause the fabric created to draw up nicely and make a thicker cloth.

The patterns were all free on the web – lots of different looks are available all over the internet. I just searched around for ones that looked attractive and enjoyable to knit.

Here’s a few pictures of cloths I’ve made. I don’t photo them all. These were all given away a couple of summers ago, I think.

I got rid of all my store-bought cloths and now just use the ones I made. If you have a chance to get hand-knitted or crocheted cloths, maybe at a craft fair or a farmers’ market, grab them. Your dishes will be happier, maybe, and you’ll enjoy using the nice substantial cloth that holds the soapsuds so well.