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House Inside a Fairy Tale

Here is the other large painting you may remember from photos of the Saucon Creek festival on June 3.

It’s done in acrylics, 24″ x 26″, finished in May, 2017.


Rapunzel Tower

I’ve always liked the fairy tale “Rapunzel”. I can’t say why – for one thing, I’ve always thought Rapunzel needed to rely on herself a bit more. I felt I could have knocked the old witch down and made a run for it, so why couldn’t she?

So thinks a girl of about six years old, listening to her grandmother read the story to her before bedtime.

Anyway, I’ve made some of these towers, all about a foot high or so, in the past, but they were done in earth-toned glazes in stoneware clay.

This time I’ve used lowfire white clay and painted it in Velvet underglazes. This tower is not going to be lost in any forest, believe me.

Here is a view of the front of the tower, and the little door I made from sticks picked up in my yard.

Here is a 360 degree view of the tower. I have gone a quarter turn each time – you either see the side, or an angle view involving two sides, in order, all the way around.

Here are some details of the color work.

This tower was a lot of fun to make.

Clay Tiles 6″ x 6″ – Fairy Tales?

These came from my imagination – I think I might have been in a fairy tale state of mind that day…

Fairy Tale World

I have been working on some collage/mixed media pieces and have finished a group of four, each 12 ” x 12″, on a 3/8″ board surface that came already primed. I painted randomly on each one of them and then added some papers I found interesting. At that point, the pieces began to diverge and I worked on one at a time, until all four were finished. This piece is the last one in this series.

I love fairy tales and I always have. I love the drama, the magic atmosphere, the oversupply of  kings, queens, princes, and princesses, the danger, the quests, the tasks, and the stark and entirely believable illogic in so many tales (can someone’s hair grow to be the length of a tower? can a person be half-hedgehog, half-man, and still have friends?) It’s a vision of a world that appeals to me for some reason – there is a lot of mystery mixed right in with the everyday. Still waters often run deep in many tales.

The background I painted for this piece reminded me of an autumn sky, and so I put in some trees. I placed the figure among them, and then I knew she was running down a path. Add the somewhat ominous-looking birds, and you have a fairy-tale setting, I think. Now just think of a story…

"Running Through the Fairy-Tale Forest" 12" x 12" 2013

“Running Through the Fairy-Tale Forest”
12″ x 12″