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Electric Meters, Glenside PA

You know what, there are so many electric meters around and all of them pretty much seem to want to keep to themselves. But they cannot hide from me.

Note: a reader gently corrected me. These are gas meters. I knew that. Of course I did. The guys are so tricky. Never mind. I still liked drawing them!

Keswick Avenue, Glenside, PA, 6/21. Pen and ink in my 8″ x 5″ sketchbook.

A House Nearby

I am familiar with this house from way back. It’s in an area that I have taken walks in or driven through for decades – it’s near the library in Glenside. Until fairly recently it was a wreck – one side was covered by vines, for instance. But then it got an updo and has new owners and looks beautiful. I did this drawing in fall of 2020 but the photo was from a little earlier in the summer, I think.

Here is the photo:

And here is the drawing. It’s 8″ x 8″ and done with a fine pen.

At the Train Station

I like train stations, and we have a lot of them in my area – since we have multiple commuter rail lines going into the city. There are always interesting buildings in the vicinity of the actual station building, too. Here are a couple I encountered this past summer.

This first grouping is in Bryn Mawr, PA. It’s a building directly associated with the station. (If you want to see more details, take a look at this post I wrote about a walk in the area of the station my husband and I took.) I liked its architecture as well as its state of decay.

The second grouping shows the end house in a row of homes right up on the tracks in Glenside, PA.

I like train stations, as I said, and I think I will be looking at their environs more closely from now on – there is a lot to see.

Keswick Avenue Portrait

I like drawing from photos. It allows me to make a sketch anywhere and anytime. And while my pen moves around the paper I revisit the scene in memory, feeling the sun, the rain, the humidity, hearing the traffic sounds and smelling lilacs or wood smoke or diesel…

Here is a photo of the train overpass on Keswick Avenue in Glenside, PA, in September 2019. I don’t remember exactly why I was here, because it is a stretch of sidewalk I travel very often. I think I was in the neighborhood to get my hair cut or to go to the dentist.

Here’s the photo:

Glenside 3 4-10-191

Here is the sketch I made in my notebook some days later:

Car on Keswick Avenue 9-191

This picture says “home” to me.

Practice Drawing, I Asked Myself to

The title of this post is how today’s activity might be listed on a folder in my mental filing cabinet. Last year, I had an entry on my list of things to do in 2018 that concerned making a regular time for drawing. Sort of like the Marathon idea for my writing, the regular practice I have been doing weekly since the beginning of 2017.

Didn’t happen. I did do a lot of drawing during the year – you may remember the illustrations for Fictive Dream’s September Slam?

Or the illustrations for my two-line short story book, Minuscule?

Different things for a different year in 2019, I resolved! I want to spend some time, even an hour, in a designated drawing time each week. Though I’m not going to the same level of formality as for my Marathons right now, I want to make an appointment and meet it.

Today was the day I started to make good on this promise to myself. I dug out my pens and my sketch book. I wanted to go away from my house to do this drawing but the outside temperature was about 28 degrees F and blustery. Too cold for outdoors. So – I went to the Glenside Library and after picking up my books, I settled at a table in the reading area.

I will show you the results. But – I want to say – this is practice. I just want to pick up the pen and draw. This sketchbook is for scrawling away at the pages and for putting some miles on my pens.

I enjoyed myself, I will say that. How relaxing it was to focus on just…drawing. As a note, today I drew in the blind contour manner. I love how it feels to draw this way and I also like the results a lot.

Legs under a table.
This man was at the checkout desk.
This man was reading near me.
This guy was working on his computer. Until later, when he got into a conversation with an acquaintance about recent car troubles. Oh dear.
This is the view of the library I had from where I was sitting. You can see the effects of the blind contour method here very clearly. Those chairs are the same size in real life.
A man reading. When he left, I noticed the binder he had been studying was entitled “What to Say to Sellers”. No idea what that could mean, but it brings up a lot of ideas…
Shelves of large-print fiction very near to my location.

Local Sights

These two paintings, done in November 2017, are based on locations near me and that I see so often I wonder at the fact that I still find them interesting. But I do. It’s because something small changes every day.

I’ve captured just one day in the life of these places.

As usual, I have made some changes from photo to painting, but – I think you can see the bones of the inspirations.

I’ll start with the intersection of Spring Garden Street and Butler Avenue, Ambler, PA. If you follow my poetry blog you know that I have made a little occasion of photographing this intersection as I wait at the light there on my way to Montco for Poetry Marathon sessions.  Here’s one of those photos:

and here is the painting (acrylics, 12″ x 18″)

“Leaving Downtown”

And the second location is closer to my home – a repair shop I pass almost every day, at Jenkintown and Baeder Roads, Glenside. Photo:

and here is the painting: (acrylics, 12″ x 18″).

“Local Garage”


Write what?

I drew the pen and ink portion of this postcard from a photo I took of my local library in Glenside, PA. To make it fun, I had turned the photo upside down and drawn it from that view, to challenge myself to draw the shapes, and not the objects.

I think it worked out pretty well. But I had to take things further, I thought, and I stuck it on to a painted recycled-cardboard background, postcard size. There was some room left, so I added the collaged magazine photos.

Still not done, I gave it something to say.

Finally, the process came to a halt. Here is the result.

Postcard - Write what? From December, 2016.

Postcard – Write what? From December, 2016.

Drawing With a Pen #7

Here are some more pen and ink drawings. Today’s theme is Glenside, PA.

Things can be confusing in my neck of the woods, knowing where you are and what to call it, but if you are from around here, you know. Otherwise, it can be a bit of a blur. Glenside is just a perfect example.

Glenside is a small town about a mile from my house. I say “town”, but really, if you were a bird in the air, you’d see an unending array of houses, streets, and buildings. Suburbia. Glenside is in there, but, as I said…

Anyway, it stretches along Easton Road and works its way through two townships, Cheltenham and Abington – with two business districts, one in each township. Not to mention another smaller one along Keswick Avenue, the other main street that parallels Easton Road. So we have Abington Glenside and Cheltenham Glenside. And then that section where Ralph’s Barbershop is, and the bakery and you know, right where the train overpass is…

Are you with me?

Because Glenside is also a large post office. Zip code 19038 is for Glenside, yes, but it also covers Wyndmoor, for instance, in Springfield Township, about 5 minutes down Route 309. The post office is not interested in Glenside or Wyndmoor; it cares about 19038 – but the rest of us know that Wyndmoor is not Glenside. It just isn’t.

Ditto for Ardsley, North Hills, and Laverock. If you live there, you live in 19038, but you don’t live in Glenside.

Sometimes things are tricky – when the LA Fitness was built, there was some confusion by locals as to what to call it, since it is set at a street intersection that could go Abington or Glenside or Jenkintown – but it’s all ok now, having decided to name itself the Abington location – but I still think it should be Glenside.

After all of this, you can see why Glenside is just one of those special places! Here are some drawings of Glenside locations, wherever they are. I did the first two from photos and the second two on site.

Here’s a drawing of a truck parked in the Glenside Library parking lot. I don’t know where the occupants of the truck went or why the door was left open.

Drawing truck Glenside Library 7-16 6x6 small

This house, converted into apartments, is next door to my dentist’s office on Mt. Carmel Avenue.

Drawing House Glenside 7-16 6x6 small

Here is a storefront alongside Glenside Avenue, near my doctor’s office. I like the little store below ground level, under the porch – you have to take a short flight of steps down to get to it.

Drawing Glenside- 1 7-29-16 small

And this is a view of the parking lot of the Glenside train station. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come to this station, coming, going, dropping off, picking up, or eating lunch in the station café. The buildings in the picture are actually across the tracks – the station itself is not in the picture. Maybe a subject for another day.

Drawing Glenside- 2 7-29-16 small

Viva Glenside!