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Sun, House, House, People

Acrylic paintings done in June, 2017. Each one is 6″ x 6″ on wood board.


Two Paintings with Pointy-Roofed Houses

Move to this town and live in a house like one of these.

Acrylics on 3/8″ board, 6″ x 6″.

More Home Decoration

Here are the rest of those little clay house/room interiors. If you want to see the first group, look here.

Inside and Outside

I recently received a commission to create two paintings for a specific space in a stairwell. The prospective owners had a theme in mind, buildings and furniture, and let me make of it whatever I wanted. The only restrictions were the sizes of the pieces – one was to be 20″ x 24″ and the other 36″ x 24″.

I thought it sounded like a great assignment. Now, usually I don’t accept commissions; I find them nerve-wracking. Past experience has taught me that it can be difficult to work freely when there is a specific buyer with specific wants, and I don’t like to disappoint anyone, including myself! But this particular couple was familiar with my work and I just felt that things would go well for all of us.

So, I set to work. I had decided to make extra paintings and therefore would be able to give some choices, since I had plenty of time to work. I have learned that if it’s practical to make multiple pieces for a commission, it’s a great idea to do so for me, since I don’t feel that the fate of the world rests with one picture!

For the buildings, I used some photos I had taken of houses in Allentown, PA, for models, putting them in my own arrangements and colors.

For the furniture, I used my imagination. I really love to paint interior scenes like these – I have always thought chairs and sofas and tables have as much individuality as people do.

But what made this assignment special was the chance to concentrate on the theme of houses and homes – I have a life-long love of residential architecture. Houses under construction, open houses, house tours, model rooms in furniture stores, dollhouses, house plan books – I’ve spent many happy hours involved with houses and homes. And to make things even better, I learned that the buyers also felt this way about houses, inside and out. What a nice addition to the experience for me!

In the end, I think everyone was happy with the results, and two were chosen and taken away. The other three are still in my studio – I’m enjoying looking at them and remembering the experience.

Thank you, Geoff and Susan, for your faith in my work.

Short, Simple, Fun to Paint

I received some masonite boards, 8″ x 8″, from a friend – she had painted on them but now was discarding them, and thought I might use them for new paintings myself. She was right – I created this little group.

They are simple and the small size makes them quick to do, but I have to keep remembering not to overwork them.

I don’t know why I did so many trees. But, I will say, I have always liked to paint trees. Guess there’s no reason, I just like it!

Thank you, Diane, for the donation that started off this process.

Tiny Houses Again!

The question was asked: But do you like houses wearing acorns as hats?

And the answer is…I must, because I made these little houses, and lots more, many with hair-dos. They are all about 2″ tall, or a tiny bit more.

Looking at the pictures, I think I might make some more. I haven’t created any like these for a couple of years and I had forgotten how much I liked them. This time I think I’ll change the glazing, and try some other things. Just have to see what happens!

Not Following Directions

Recently I read an article in DIY Magazine, published by Better Homes and Gardens, about a way to do something interesting with digital black and white photos. The idea was to take your photo, then get one of those larger-sized paint chips at the store, the kind with gradations of color and about 5″ wide. Then, cut the paint chip to 4″ x 6″, put it into your laser printer, and print your photo. The examples looked intriguing to me.

I wouldn’t have gone any further with it, but we happened to go to the paint store a few days later and so I grabbed a few paint chips. Not even colors I really liked, just picked a few at random. I came home, selected some black and white digital photos from the days when I belonged to our local camera club. I could have converted some color ones to black and white but I wasn’t thinking much about any particular result I wanted – I was just curious.

The only flaw in the process was that I only have an inkjet printer. I was sure there was some reason the article specified laser – but – I decided to try it anyway. So I fed my cut-to-size paint chips into the printer and pushed the button. Out came some interesting results, I thought.

The reason the laser printer is needed is so that the ink will adhere properly to the backgrounds. With the inkjet, the prints will never be stable as a finger can smear the ink, and water will wash the image right off. But – let the prints dry for a few hours and they can be scanned, I discovered. So, I did that, and I liked the results, whether printed on glossy photo paper or on plain cardstock.

The ink reacts unpredictably with the varying colors of the paint chip – some interesting effects occur. You’d need to experiment to see how things turn out. It’s hard to tell from the original photos what you’ll get until you actually print.

I’m not going to clear the paint store of its sample colors right now and try this will all my photos. But I was struck by the mysterious nature the process imparted to some pretty straightforward images. I printed out a couple of my scans and they became mail art. I wonder what the recipients will think of them.