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Tiles From December, 2016 – Group 12

Two Lehigh Valley scenes.

You may remember I did a tile featuring a chef from the Hotel Bethlehem last year, too – I took both photos from the mezzanine above the lobby where the buffet was laid out. I am wondering if this will become a tradition for me?

A Portrait of One City on One Day

Back in November we made a visit to Allentown, PA – can’t remember why, now, but we had an errand to do or maybe visited the art museum.

Allentown is about an hour from our house, in the Lehigh Valley. I am familiar with the city because as I think I said in my recent post on Mayfair, I’ve exhibited art in the area for a long time, I’ve made many friends there, and my son worked for the newspaper in town for two years.

I love Allentown. It’s got so many things about it that appeal to me – good places to eat, a great art community – so here I’ll stick to how visually interesting I think the city is. City streets, alleys, stately rowhomes, warehouses, parks, solid brick homes, large stone churches, downtown sights.

On this trip we walked around in a couple of areas in an older section. It was a cold November day and things could have looked a little bleak, but I found interesting sights everywhere. I was concentrating on looking for details. Not the big picture, but details.

Here’s an artist book I made reflecting the experience – containing photos I took that day. I sent it to my son.

Scarves, Friends, New Things Every Day

You know I like to knit if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, but I’ll repeat it – I like to knit. I learned the skill as a little girl and I have made many, many items in the almost 50 years since then. Sweaters, afghans, hats, gloves, mittens, toys, dishcloths, and — scarves. Lots of scarves.

I like making scarves. They are useful and allow for experimentation in patterns and colors. They go quickly and so I can try lots of ideas without making a big commitment of time and materials. And if I don’t want something complicated to work on but just need something to keep my hands occupied, a scarf is the answer.

Scarves. I like to try different color combinations and I love using yarn dyed in a sequence of colors.

Scarves. I like to try different color combinations and I love using yarn dyed in a sequence of colors.

I’ve been making even more scarves since I met Susan Huxley, a fiber artist, designer, editor, and teacher living in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. How I met Susan, I don’t remember now, but it was a lucky day for me. Susan can do anything with needles – sewing, crochet, or knitting – and she is a well of creativity. She is generous with her time and her knowledge, and a lot of fun to know.

Several years ago, she founded Chase the Chill, an organization that distributes free scarves in her city, on one day in November. They are hung all over town and anyone can take one or many of them – no charge. It’s a beautiful sight to see them on fences, trees, light poles, and even wrapping about the necks of the statues of several saints in front of a church. In no time they are all gone. People put them on right at the moment they select a scarf, or they choose several to give as gifts. The idea has spread and now there are Chase the Chill events in several cities.

I’ve made a lot of scarves for this event. It gives me a chance to try all kinds of new yarns and I like the idea that my knitting is useful to someone I don’t know and won’t meet.

The current group of scarves I have on hand.

The current group of scarves I have on hand.

Now, Susan has started a new project – the Year of Scarves. Long story short, it’s a scarf pattern a day, some for knitting, some for crochet. Each one is free for the first day it’s up, and after that, available at a small price. And today she has featured a pattern I made up! It’s called “Scarfghetti”. When you see it, you will understand the name.

Take a look at the blog and see what you think. I think that if you are interested in knitting or crocheting, you may want to sign up for notifications about the patterns. It’s the kind of thing that’s addictive.

Thank you, Susan. I appreciate your faith in my work.

Susan Huxley
Chase the Chill
Year of Scarves