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More Library Cards

If you have a stack of these blank cards, you could do a lot of things: play library, dream about the books you will check out at the library, think of a list of names that might be on the card (or what book title…?)

Or you might glue cut-out phrases/words to them that you will later use in writing poetry. And when you’ve done that, you might paint them.

That’s what I did in June, 2020. Take a look at this array.

Library Cards 6-20a

Library Cards and Library Books and Art

Some time back I bought a supply of yellow and white library check-out cards – the old kind where you used to fill in your name and the librarian stamped it with her date stamp. I know they are still in use out in the library world, because they are still being sold, but my library uses the bar code and the computer now.

Anyway, I like their associations and I like using them for all kinds of projects and just for note card reminders, too. (You can buy them online from library supply companies. They are inexpensive and sturdy).

Anyway. One of the things I do as part of my poetry writing is to cut out random phrases from discarded books (yes, I get them from my library, too!). They look like this when they are in use for that purpose:

PO 9-6-19 #3

After I have wrung them dry of poetry ideas I turn them into collages. I’ve done different things with them over time but here is the latest incarnation. All I did was scrape paints over them, using the corrugations of the pasted-on print to help make a pattern.

I like the look of them. I guess I might be starting a collection.


Libraries – Drawings

Here is another page of drawings made from photos. This time the theme is Libraries.

I go to the library a lot, in normal life. On the day before our state’s shutdown, when I heard the news, it was the place I went to first. I checked out about 25 books. I’m working my way through them, and sadly am more than half finished with the pile.

I understand I will not be back in a library for some time. I’ll get hold of something to read, I have no fear, but I want to be back in a library.

All right, here are the photos. They are from Montgomery County Community College and Chestnut Hill College libraries. Note: The one with the guy squatting down to find a book – well, I didn’t get his posture right so I amended the picture a little. In my version he is sitting on a little bench. I think I will try it again later on.

And you can see I have a thing for the chairs and footstools and tables at Montco. Love their style and I can attest to their comfort. If you follow my poetry blog and my Marathon poetry writing sessions, you have seen many photos of the library and some that include this furniture.

Chestnut Hill College’s library is an older style building and has its original 1960-ish furniture, shelving, and layout. It’s a different atmosphere but equally as welcoming to the reader and thinker.

And…here is the page from my sketchbook. (It’s a book of 8″ x 8″).

Library 4-20


No, just some blur photos taken at Brendlinger Library, Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA, in September, 2018.

It’s not the tropics, it’s the library! I mean it!

Blur Montco 9-2005

A couple of photos of shelves of books? No, the second one is of the open stairwell.

Here’s a color and B/W version. We always have choices, right?



More blur photos. These are from Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College, September, 2017.


A couple of photos from Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College. One is of a light fixture on the ceiling; all I did was point the camera at it and say “Hold still…”

The other one is a blur photo, where I have taken the camera and swooped it across the scene.

These were done in March and April, 2017.

Zoom Through the Library Fast As You Can

Some more of those blur photos – the ones where I take the camera and sweep it across the scene. These photos are of books at the library at Chestnut Hill College and were taken in April and May, 2017.

Library Scenes at High Speed

I am fascinated by blur photography these days (I don’t know if that is a name for it or not, but that’s what I call it). I’ve taken quite a few photos in this style and in this place – look here and here if you are interested.

More photos from Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College, 3rd floor, where I do my poetry marathons.

I will venture away from this location the next time I am in the library, I think, and see what I can do to some other parts of the building.