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Not Exactly a Forest, But…

Trees are nice no matter how many there are of them.

Acrylics on ATC-sized Claybord, done in April 2018. Art Diary reference here.

Trees 4-18 2.5 x 3.5005


Solitude and Society in Nature


Clay tiles, Velvet underglazes , January, 2018, fired at cone 06.

Visit These Places With Me

…but if you want to go, there is no plane or train or road to them. They came from my imagination and they exist only on the boards I painted them on, and in your mind, now. So come along with me and take a look.

I like painting long views and I like to think about hiking or walking or swimming in the scenes I have painted, once I arrive there, of course…

Versions of Sunflowers

I love sunflowers and so I return to them as a subject for art pieces over and over. Here are a couple of versions from October, 2017.

Abstract and a little less so. Sunflowers have a lot of personalities.

The abstract version, 4″ x 4″ on a commercially-made terracotta tile. The less-so, 6″ x 6″ on a commercially-made white tile. Both with Velvet underglazes and fired at cone 06.

Oh Those Trees Again

More trees. Each one is 6″ x 6″, done in acrylics on wood board, October, 2017.