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Home Sweet Home

You’ve heard me say how much I like houses. There is no end to my interest in houses, any kind, anywhere. House plans, house tours, open houses, you name it. The real estate pages of the newspaper never saw a better friend than me.

Here are some houses – acrylics, 6″ x 6″ on 3/8″ board.


Neighborhood Under Construction

I’ve been making these small clay houses for a while. I do a few every so often. They are two or three inches high.

I use mid-fire clays, choosing different colors as the mood strikes me. I construct the house and then let it dry for a while, until it holds its shape but is still a little flexible.

I use underglazes to paint the houses. I try hard to coat them evenly, but if it doesn’t work out that way, I don’t worry. I also choose colors that will contrast with the underlying clay color.

Then I take my needle tool and incise the clay to outline the various features.

I like these little houses. I plan to make more and more of them. It’s the kind of object that you can play with – I have always loved houses and I can very easily fall into quite a daydream about these little residences and their occupants as I move them around.