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Saturday Sassy Lady Story

I had made this painted rock lady a few weeks ago and she’s been lying around ever since. Literally, because the bottom of the stone is not quite level and she tips forward, if she is set upright. I had thought about sticking on some cork circles to the bottom to level her. Well, today I decided to take her to Lorimer Park and set her on top of the recently vacated rock pile. She is managing fine there at the moment. Whoever takes her away will know what to do, I am sure.

Sassy stone lady now set on top of the pile of rocks in a bed of poison ivy.

Sassy stone lady now set on top of the pile of rocks in a bed of poison ivy.

There Is An Order to Things

About two weeks ago, I set a figurine on a fencepost overlooking the Fox Chase Farm – it borders Lorimer Park, where I often walk or run. (Here is that account if you’d like to know more).

Now, let me tell you some more chapters to this story. A few days after the figurine was set in place, I went back to visit the site and see how she was doing. I could tell as I walked up the path she was no longer there – the shape on the fencepost wasn’t right.

Imagine my surprise and happiness when I realized that someone had taken her and left a tiny blue-green pot – very delicate, almost the color of a robin’s egg – in her place. I picked it up and saw a scrap of paper inside – telling me to take it if I wished, the same message I put into the hollow space in my figurines.

For a bit, I thought about it – should I take the pot myself, or should I leave it for someone else? I decided that I would complete a circle rather being part of a line – so I now have the little pot in my kitchen to look at and remember the feeling of belonging in some kind of ordered world, even if just for a moment.

But I also felt I needed to return the gesture. I don’t usually repeat a location, the exception being the grotto in this same park, because I want each situation to be one-of-a-kind, not rote, not a chore, not a task. This time, though, something told me to continue.

So I took this little figurine there a couple of days ago. She’s got a history – I had set her in another park, but she was too far out of sight, and I felt she’d tried hard enough when I visited here a week or so ago and she was covered with pine needles. I brought her home, gave her a bath, and now – here she is.

It’s all been such a good experience for me. I am grateful.

Stray Cat

I’ve made some figurines from stones I picked up in Lorimer Park. They were different from this little cat figure – I painted them with acrylics and in doing so obliterated their original characteristics as stones.

While collecting those rocks, I found this one, and I saw a cat in it. I really liked the colors in the rock and I decided to see what I could do with it while altering it as little as possible.

So, this cat has clay eyes and nose, a twig for a mouth, and copper wire whiskers. Seemed to be enough.

Cat (stone, clay, twig, and copper wire) About 5" high or so

(stone, clay, twig, and copper wire)
About 5″ high or so

Kid Stuff? Yes or No?

As you know, I walk or run along a rail trail in a park near me quite often. There is a cut through a hill – high rocky walls on either side – and a little indentation in one of them that all of us regulars refer to as the grotto.

People put items in the grotto, and they come and go. I’ve described my own additions in an earlier post. Most recently I added three painted rocks – fat little women figures.

You may also remember that I set a clay figurine on a pile of rocks in the same park, along another trail, and I also chronicled that addition.

Since then, two of the three rock women and the clay figurine have moved on – people take them, and that’s what I hope for, in fact. So I moved the remaining rock woman to the rock pile and set out three new rock women figurines at the grotto.

Why am I recounting all of this history? So you will understand two recent occurrences. Earlier this week I saw a couple of small boys and their mother exclaiming over the ladies in the grotto (the children and the ladies were at the same level, face to face). I just enjoyed seeing the interest the figurines evoked – I know people notice them, of course, since they take them! but I have never seen it in person.

And then today. I had stopped at the grotto to say hello to the women figures. I then walked on and a woman coming the other way down the trail, who had seen what I was doing, said, “Don’t you just love the grotto? The kids put something new there to look at every week!”

I just said, “Yes, and I always stop and take a look,” and went on my way, enjoying my little secret – I am that kid!

Out in the World

I have been doing a little clay work in the last week. Nothing much to show for it yet, but I am glad to be back to it. Another step back into the world for me.

In January, I made a lot of small figurines with the idea of leaving them here and there in the world – places that mean something to me or places where a little guardian figure might be nice. I put a little piece of paper with a message into their hollow bodies, but I don’t leave my name. And the idea is that the figurine can be at home wherever she lands, or someone can take her away to somewhere else. Doesn’t matter. I just like the idea of them being out in the world.

Here are a couple of pictures of a group of figurines before they were fired.

Smaller figurines

Smaller figurines

Smaller figurines, closeup

Smaller figurines, closeup

On Saturday, my husband and I made a trip to Reading, PA, about an hour from our house. We had a variety of things to do. While there, we drove up Mt. Penn, high above the city, and stopped at the William Penn Memorial fire observation tower. Built in 1939, it’s an imposing structure. And we were lucky to be there on a day it was open, so we could climb to the top. What a wonderful view!

We left one figurine in the surrounding park, under a tree.

(For more information on the tower, click here)

figurine left at fire tower

This morning, I took a walk at a local park. I’ve gone to this park for 25 years and must have done hundreds, if not a thousand or more, miles around the loop. So I felt it would be a good spot for a figurine. I found the stump of a pine tree fallen in this last winter’s storms, and set her at its base.

closeup - small figurine Mondauk

Figurine left at base of pine stump, Mondauk Park

Figurine and stump, Mondauk Park

Pine grove at Mondauk Park – the stump is in the background.