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Paint Brochure – Blue and Drawings and Pen and Ink

Here is a paint brochure drawing from September 2019. Unlike my other creations in this genre subset (or whatever you want to call it) I had no theme here. Just making use of the nice colors, I thought.

I am taken with the fish-like creature in line 2, how the colors grade across the fish’s body. I will try this kind of thing again.

Drawings 9-12-19 #22

Tell It Like It Is and In Color

You’ve seen several versions of paint brochures and my augmentations to them with a pen. Up to now it’s been pictures only. (Look here if you want to see an example, or you can search this blog with the term “paint brochure”).

Well, I’ve gotten interested in lettering (I think it is an outgrowth of my handwriting re-education project from a couple of years ago – look here if you wonder what I mean).

My goodness, what a lot of looking I’m asking you to do. So I’ll get to the looking part of this post in particular. I used some TV-watching time to do this work set out below.

From sofa art to sofa lettering. Where can the paint brochures and I go next?

This version is a couple of pages pulled from a larger brochure. I did it in March, 2019. Hey, it’s fun.

Paint Card with color titles 3-193