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I Hope

Like a lot of people these days I’ve been doing some cleaning around the house. I had a painting I did on a large cradled board that I’d never been happy with. And oh dear, it was the second painting on that board that I could never come to feel good about.

I was ready to throw out the board, but…it was large and I hated to waste the money. So one afternoon I started painting over the past, as you might say, and ended up with this new direction.

I like it and I think it is the one that will stay.

“I Hope”

24″ x 36″, acrylics on masonite board, June 2020.


I Hope 24 x 36 6-20

Mirror Image Women

I made this image as a demonstration for one of my students in the mixed media class I taught in Winter, 2020. I wanted to show an incorporation of stenciling on layers of paint and my explanation in words was not making sense to her.

I cut out a woman figure. Then I painted a piece of watercolor paper (9″ x 12″) in sections of  random color.  Next, I set the stencil on the paper and painted around her; then I flipped her over and painted the other side of the paper in different colors.

The figures protect the original colors so that when the stencil is removed, there it is.

The whole thing took maybe five minutes to do. The student saw the process and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Sometimes good things happen very fast, and the key is, don’t mess with them just because you think it should have been harder. Sometimes…it is easy!


Mirror Image Women 1-2020 8.5 x 10.5003

Outdoor Art Time

On June 30 a couple of art friends and I got together in my back yard to do some art work and visit a little. I think it was a good way to assemble in a safe way and enjoy ourselves, in these times as they are. Here’s what we did.

I met these two friends in the mixed media class I taught last year. We have stayed in touch and wanted to get together. But how? I volunteered my back yard. We picked a day, and luckily it turned out great weather-wise, sunny, but not too hot, and no threat of rain.

Here’s what we did:

First hint: have shade available, or a shelter from the sun. I figured I could set up my tent (that I use in art shows) but it was not necessary. Our yard is very shady.

Second hint: Make sure there is a comfortable amount of room to spread out. We decided to wear our masks as we set things up, then, as long as we remained at our table, or ten or twelve feet apart, we took them off. Then we put them back on to clean things up. Having plenty of room made things comfortable.

Third hint: Bathroom. I had one available nearby, involving walking in my back door into my studio and going only a short distance inside the house. I did a **SPARKLE** clean on that tiny room and had towels ready for hand-washing so each person could have her own.

Fourth hint: Tables and chairs available. Or some kind of area to set up so that each person can have a good space to work. Alternatively each person could have brought her own chair and table, or whatever she needed to work comfortably, but this needs to be settled up front.

Fifth hint: Cleaning items. I set up a table with hand sanitizer, spray cleaner, and towels if anyone wanted to clean anything, and I also put out some bug spray, just in case…


Well, we had a great time. Here are some pictures. Here is where I sat:



and here is our general set-up. We were facing each other so that we could talk or show each other our work.


Mary Ann made a lot of painted papers and she set them on the grass to dry.


I put out the red buckets of water for washing brushes and so on. The hose was just around the corner of the house if we had needed more water.


Here are Mary Ann and Andy cleaning their things up and packing after the session.


Things went smoothly with this set-up. We were comfortable and felt safe. All of us are living very cautiously right now, and this allowed us to get together and experience a bit of an activity we really value – doing art with others. I am so happy we were able to pull this off, it meant a lot to me.

Shout out to Andy and Mary Ann, for a real spirit lifter!



Light Rain

I took a photo of a street of houses, a car, and a person walking along with an umbrella from an overhead viewpoint, back in January 2020. I used it as a reference for this painting, which I did during the mixed media class I taught in Winter 2020.

The class was working on individual projects and I did not want to be forcing my attention on them without respite, so I gave myself a project to work on, too.

The painting is called “Light Rain”. Acrylics, 20″ x 16″, March 2020.

Light Rain 20 x 16 3-20001

I Stayed Up Late Reading

Acrylics and collage, March 2020, 20″ x 16″.

My husband told me that he interpreted all the patterns in the lady’s clothing and on her head as being the complexity of ideas and color and narrative that she is deriving from her reading. I love that idea.

I read a lot and I have done my share of staying up late to finish a book.

When I was a child, I would turn out my light at my parents’ request. And then I would turn around in bed with my head at the foot of the bed, stretch out on my stomach, with the open book in front of me, so that I could continue to read by the light from the hall that came in through the half-open door.

This lady is not having to make this kind of accommodation. She can stay up and read in comfort as long as she wants.

I Stayed Up Late Reading 20 x 16 3-2020