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Houses and Homes

Here are some small acrylic paintings I did in December, before my health issues got in the way. They are all done on 3/8″ board.

I hope to be posting some of the work I did in the past. And then from there to be making new work and posting it. I will have to see how things go, but I am hopeful.

A Journey

Yet another little book. The fascination with the book form shows no sign of ending.

This book is called “Fares” for the obvious reason – the cover is a fare card for our local commuter train system. I had the cover and added the pages – then I did the artwork and then the text – so you can see it all flowed from the word on the front – Fares.

Here is the text and the pictures follow.


in the open air beneath the stars,

places, geography.

I had to leave
those who knew them,

I couldn’t help it.

I just wanted a little more

I wanted to find

the few who knew

I’ll look everywhere

hope might be

Peaceful Scenes #1

I am catching up on my mail art, now that my hand is improving, and I had a big stack of 6″ x 4.25″ cardboard, all cut from cereal boxes and that kind of thing. I always cut the boxes up as I use them to these dimensions, which is the official post card size. I always have plenty to work with.

For some reason the plain, more absorbent side attracted me. The roughish surface works well for layering paints and it also lets a more watered-down version of acrylics soak in – both of these are not characteristics of the other, more shiny, side. So I could do something a little different with it, and the idea of landscapes came to me.

So here are some of them; more later on. They are each 6″ x 4.25″ and I used acrylic paints.

The Pictures Inspire the Words

Here is an altered art book I have just finished, called “Warm-Hearted Season”.

For information on how I go about creating a book like this, here is an earlier post I did on altered art books. Right now I have several other books on a table in my studio, work in process. They’re waiting for my time and attention. I have done the first round of art in each one, but they need refining and some additions. And then of course they will need some text.

Working on these books takes time. So, I don’t sell them anymore, just keep them or give them for gifts to the right person. I recently gave one to a mail art correspondent when I met her in person. She was a librarian, so it seemed extra fitting, and I knew the book would have a good home.

If you’re interesting in seeing a couple of other books, look under my category “Artist Books”. In each one you can read the whole book – I’ve posted all the pages. I have some more completed books that I can show you, as time goes along – and there are still those books waiting for me to finish them, their contents still unknown!

Little Creatures New to the World Today

I spent part of the afternoon making these creatures. I sell lots of them and I need to get a good population of them ready. And, I really enjoy making them.

It was very peaceful in my studio, a bright sunny warm day outside, and I opened the windows. Working on these creatures gave me time to let my mind drift a little.

They’re sitting on these trays right now on a table in my studio – a little later I will take them into the basement to the drying shelves.

Puff people (that's what we call these little creatures) just starting to dry.

Puff people (that’s what we call these little creatures) just starting to dry.

Just a Minute or Maybe a Little More

Here are four more 6″ x 6″ mixed-media pieces on 3/8″ board, members of the same group I posted some examples of a day or two ago.

Sometimes I think pieces like these have two lives – one is if they can stand up to a quick glance, with the shapes, colors, and forms holding up to make a pleasing, coherent whole.

And then there is their ability to withstand examination, if the viewer finds more to think about and stops to take a good long look.

I always hope to achieve both goals. Doesn’t always happen, but that’s what I try for.

A Calm Spot in the Middle of Busy

I have been working on some collage/mixed media pieces and have finished a group of four, each 12 ” x 12″, on a 3/8″ board surface that came already primed. I painted randomly on each one of them and then added some papers I found interesting. At that point, the pieces began to diverge and I worked on one at a time, until all four were finished. I will give each one its own bit of attention in the next few posts.

We have a nice front porch, shady most of the day. It’s shielded by bushes from the street, which is a busy one and, since we have a small front yard, seems very close. We also have the local high school across the street and though it is set back across the sports fields, it is an active spot as well. But if I sit in the chair, I look out at all the flowers and bushes and trees we have in the yard and feel myself in a peaceful spot. These thoughts went through my mind when I was making this piece, “Sitting on the Porch, Nothing Much to Do“.

“Sitting on the Porch, Nothing Much to Do”
12″ x 12″