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Looking Down

I was going through some old notebooks and came across this pen and ink drawing I did of a casual reading area at Arcadia University in October, 2016, from a photo. I was looking over the half-wall from the main reading room upstairs. This kind of view is interesting to me; usually I’m on the same level as what I am portraying.

It’s a tiny little drawing. I probably did it while watching TV one night. Don’t remember!


Pen and ink Arcadia U Library 10-161


Cold Scene

This image is another postcard from a pad of watercolor paper postcards I bought some time ago. I used India ink and white acrylic ink. The sky was made by first coloring it in in black, letting it dry, and going over it with the white in a thin layer.

Even though it looks wintery in the picture, there are seeds in the earth and spring is present, though hidden at the moment.

Made in April 2019.

Postcard moon 4-19 4 x 62

Landscapes in Line

Looking through some old sketchbooks a little while ago I found a couple more pages of those tiny line-drawing landscapes I like to do in odd moments. The pages of the sketchbook are 5″ x 3″ so that gives you the size of these little guys.

I don’t know when I made them – the notebook was a hodgepodge of dates. Oh well, doesn’t matter.

Another One of Those Paint Brochures

Here is another one, yes, it is.

This time, I drew pictures relating to the paint names and I also lettered in the paint names themselves to make part of the image. I’m interested in lettering, just a little bit, these days. I tried to give the words a little personality.

Here’s the whole thing:

Paint brochure 4-19 words and pictures1

Page one:

Paint brochure 4-19 page 12

and page two:

Paint brochure 4-19 page 23

Mowing the Grass

Spring is here. Grass is growing. Time to cut the grass.

OK, that’s the short form. I know you want to find out more about this topic and its importance in my life, and what it has to do with art.

First of all, I like to cut the grass, and I’ve got about 50 years of experience doing it. I don’t really care much about the quality of the grass in my lawn – as long as it’s green, I’m fine with whatever is growing. But I sure do like to cut it.

My front yard is almost no grass – it’s small and we have it planted with bushes and flowers and trees that, with the stepping stone sidewalk, cover the whole thing.

The back yard, though, is large. I cut the section near the house and let the rest of it grow wild, though I also put a couple of paths through it.

back yard 4-192

You may remember I had some serious health issues over the past few years, and one of the tasks I gave up was mowing the grass. We had a lawn care company do the work for the past five or so years. I never liked the way they did the yard. This year, I took back control. We got the lawnmower tuned up and on April 23, the first cut of 2019 took place. Sure was fun.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, in commemoration of the event I decided to do some quick sketches of my lawn-mowing companions. You may also remember I want to do more sketching/drawing/whatever. This event seemed like a good opportunity to participate in both goals.

I have sort of settled into a semi-blind-contour type of drawing. I work fast, I look mostly at the object, and I don’t care if I miss details or things go a bit off-kilter. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So here we go. First, my shoes. I wear hiking boots. You can cut your toes off with a lawnmower, you know, and I have met someone who did just that. So, sturdy shoes. No flip flops.

Next, my safety goggles. I am aggressive with my lawn mowing, meaning I’ll run over sticks, clean out under bushes, and everyone had better get out of my way! Things get kicked up. Eyes are important and must be protected. I wear these goggles over my glasses – they are new, and they work great.

And now, my lawnmower. We have had this lawnmower since 1992 or so. I’ve traveled many miles with it and we are friends. There’s no more to say than that.


All right. There you have it. Lawnmower-inspired art.

Artist Trading Cards That I Can’t Remember if I Showed You or Not

I do believe the title of the post says it all. If I did, well, here they are again. The first one is done in acrylics and ink – another one of those where the random paint inspired the next step – and it ends up being a face.

The second one was a little drawing I made some time back in pen and ink, and now I made it into an ATC, because I liked the look of it and didn’t want it to get lost.