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Art Diary 2018 – Week Ending August 17


Art Diary. A weekly wrap-up of art activities. For earlier posts, search under the category Art Diary.

Hello to a week of Art.

Saturday, August 11 – I worked on the secret project.

AD 8-12 #102

Sunday, August 12 – I worked on the secret project.

AD 8-11 #101

I also prepared these 6″ x 6″, 1/8″, masonite boards. For what? I don’t really know although my idea right now is to do some more of those graffiti/cartoon kind of painting things, you know, with the words in them. Really, I just felt like letting my hand paint fast and big and these little boards, well, I’ve got a whole lot of them. So I’ll see where they go.

I worked on some more acrylic ink/paint colored papers as well today, and here are the offshoots – the old-book pages where I soak up extra ink or paint. later I can use these for collage.

AD 8-12 #401

These acrylic inks are really growing on me. I had bought a set of basic colors to see if I liked the medium, some time ago, and I wasn’t that excited at the beginning. But I’m starting to appreciate them for their intensity and their clarity, plus a kind of translucency that makes for layering that has a real depth of color.

Monday, August 13 – I had time to work on a couple of illustrations for my Minuscule story book.

AD 8-13 #102

Tuesday, August 14 – Secret project…

AD 8-15 #401

Wednesday, August 15 – More secret project…

AD 8-15 # 302

and a couple of other things. I did another illustration for my Minuscule book, or rather, I did a couple of versions of the same scene. These pictures are simple and straightfoward, plus being small, so I find it is easier for me to dive in and make several versions, then choose the one I like best. I’m working in India ink and Chinese brush for these.

I choose the one version I like best at the end of the session for the book; I save any others that appeal to me; and I cut up the failures. I’ll use them for collage later on. Here you see finished scenes and future collage papers.

I also worked on those 6″ x 6″ boards I painted a few days back. I’m working on them bit by bit, medium by medium. Since I had the ink and brush out I decided to make that the next stage for these little guys.

What I did was rotate each piece through all its orientations. There is always one that appeals to me – it’s not a thinking thing but an aha! this is the right one – kind of thing.

Then I outlined the things I saw in that image. You’ll see what I mean when you see the photos.

Now I have got the beginnings of a plan for each one of these.

Thursday, August 16 – I worked on some more brush and ink illustrations for my Minuscule book project.

AD 8-16 #707

My mind has been scattered this week. And you know that I usually like to make more than one attempt at a quick drawing like these. That couple of attempts has enlarged into several. Oh well. I’m less focused or I’m harder to satisfy these days, I don’t know which. Anyway, one good thing – that means there are lots of scraps from failed attempts to add to my future collage projects box.

I also added a little bit to the 6″ x 6″ mixed-media things I have going on. Today I used some acrylic inks.

These still have a way to go, but they are beginning to develop some personality.

Friday, August 17 – I think I will end the Diary for this week here. As I have said before, I have been involved in some family issues and my time and energy for art have been limited. I think I will take the afternoon off and read a book. See you next week.

OK, that’s it for this week! Thank you for coming along with me.


Art Diary 2018 – Week Ending August 10

Art Diary. A weekly wrap-up of art activities. For earlier posts, search under the category Art Diary.

Art in all kinds of forms. Yes!

Sunday, August 5 – This week’s diary may be skimpy on information, I warn you. I plan to devote a lot of time to my secret project and I can give you only glimpses of it. I worked on it both days this weekend – here are those glimpses:

And here is what else I did. Odds and ends of clay work. I put my name and date on the backs of these sgraffito tiles. Now they are ready to be wrapped up and stored (soon as my ordered bubble wrap comes in…)

AD 8-5 #202

I started coloring these tall figurines. They will be part of my next firing.

AD 8-5 #103

And the small figurines I did late last week are drying. Notice how the color changes as the figures dry out.

Monday, August 6 – Some more work on those clay ladies…

AD 8-6 #116

More work on the secret project.

AD 8-6 #b

AD 8-6 #a

Tuesday, August 7 – My husband and I went to Allentown, PA, to drop off a painting for an upcoming exhibit at the Baum School of Art:

AD 8-7 #115

That took no time. So we decided to walk up the Art Walk to eat lunch at a restaurant we’ve enjoyed in the past, Queen City BBQ. Here are some pictures of the Art Walk:

We stopped at the Dick Blick store on the way home.

AD 8-7 #1301.jpg

Now I am a devoted Blick customer but I do my shopping through the internet – the nearest store to me is in Center City Philadelphia and that’s not easy to get to. So when in Allentown we often take the opportunity to stop in here and browse. I bought a tube of paint, a sketchbook with gray pages, and some white acrylic ink as a treat for myself.

Wednesday, August 8 – These two ladies are finally done. Ready for firing.

AD 8-8 #101

Thursday, August 9 – I priced these tiles and wrapped them up. Now they can be stored until I take them to a show.

AD 8-9 #112

I loaded the kiln with the work that I have on hand. I may try a firing as soon as I get a cooler day (the kiln should not be run on 85 degree F +/- days, it doesn’t like it). This load is tiny but I don’t worry anymore about packing the kiln fully for a firing – I mostly want to keep the work flowing. I’ll check the weather and see what looks good. Anyway, even if I add more work, I’ve got this amount already set to go, that’s always a nice thing.

AD 8-9 #211

Friday, August 10 – Well, this week didn’t go as planned, really – I have had ongoing family issues and some other hitches in the schedule. Hoping next week might hang together a little better.

This afternoon I did some work for my secret project – I can tell you that this aspect of it involved painting some papers. I used acrylic inks today, mostly:

AD 8-10 #b04

and I used acrylic paints, including the new one I bought on Tuesday in Allentown. I do love trying out a new paint. This one looks like I’m going to love having it in my paint workforce.

AD 8-10 #a05

I was painting at random to achieve my effects today – here are the things for the project:

AD 8-10 #d02

and here are some accidental byproducts that are extremely useful. I usually use a page from an old book to blot or spread inks or paint – today I used this one, from my childhood collection:

AD 8-10 #c03

Who knew the Bobbsey Twins could be so versatile as to still be hard at work solving mysteries and opening eyes right here in the art studio, 50 years after I purchased this volume? The paper is soft and absorbent but is not at the point of being so brittle that it crumbles. Here are the results. I’ll save them to use later.

AD 8-10 #e01

And, I’d like to mention, these papers were painted to the accompaniment of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, can’t say enough good about them – and then, my favorite radio program ever, Funky Friday on WXPN Philadelphia (Fridays 4-7 PM, just saying). You will always paint beautiful papers to the sounds of music that makes your feet move, believe me.

All right. I’ll finish up here and go listen to more music. Happy Friday!

See you next week! Thanks for following along with me.


Sometimes I do another version of the same image. Here are couple of instances. I think you’ve seen all these images before, but not together.

(I think something went wrong with this post – I did it while back. And now I have no idea what I meant and it looks like some images are missing…so, just take a look at these for what they are, no theme at all!)

Art Diary 2018 – Week Ending August 3


Art Diary. A weekly wrap-up of art activities. For earlier posts, search under the category Art Diary.

Art. Art. Art.

Saturday, July 28 – First, a look at some paint brochure work I did while TV-watching on Friday night. I like to do this kind of thing for relaxation. I have a few brochures on hand pretty much all the time just for this purpose…I realized too late I was using a non-water-resistant pen and so there are some smears. Oh well. In order to preserve the images from harm, once I’d finished, I gave the page a spray with a matte varnish kind of thing that seals it.

AD 7-27 #108

In the afternoon of Saturday I had time to work on coloring the set of figurines I had fired a couple of weeks ago. I was finishing some figures and clothing some naked ones:

AD 7-28 #101

Here is where I ended the session (please excuse the blurred photo, I didn’t notice until later)

and a closer view of this larger guy:

Here are the in-process figures.

AD 7-28 #707

You may say – where did those two small black figures come from, as I thought you’d started to color all of them? And you would be right. Sometimes, though, I get off on the wrong foot with designs or colors or whatever and then I never get back on track. I usually try to “fix” it and make things worse instead. It’s better to do what I did here – wash off the color, repaint a black base, and start over. I guarantee these people will be happier for this extra care.

Sunday, July 29 – I finished up the coloring of the remaining small figurines. I was right, they are happier with these new outfits.

I also did a few 2″ square tiles. They are perfect for using up color on the brush when I am working on larger projects. Here you see them getting their initial coat of Jet Black Velvet underglaze.

AD 7-29 #401

These tall figurines are all that are left right now. They will need to wait for a different kiln firing as they need to be on the bottom shelf, because of their height.

AD 7-29 #304

What about us?

I added the completed figurines to the kiln. It’s ready for a firing.

AD 7-29 #205

A couple of notes about that kiln picture. That mint-green thing? I made a tray-like dish thing some time back. It has been sitting around for a while – it’s not really functional because it has not been glazed, only underglazed. You need a glazed surface on a functional item for health reasons – a non-glazed bowl, for instance, is not sealed so that bacteria can be washed off – instead, they can grow in the porous surface. Bad.

I decided to glaze this dish so that it could be used. The glaze is that green color. It will be a shiny clear when fired.

You also may recognize some sgraffito tiles. And you thought my assortment had all been fired? Yes, I had done so, but upon examination, in various tiles I saw small white flecks and other imperfections in the black color, where maybe clay crumbs had landed or some other thing was a little wrong. It occurred to me that I could repair these flaws quite easily. I touched them up with Jet Black underglaze (you can see where I did the repairs as a somewhat grayer-toned area) and put them in for another firing.

Last, I made some cylinder people. You know, they are very easy to construct – the time consuming part is in the color application. I’m currently really enjoying coloring (my version of adult coloring books, these figurines?) and I’ve decided to make a dozen or so of these to submit to the Baum School (Allentown, PA) holiday market that I participate in each winter.

AD 7-29 #106

Monday, July 30 I had time for a few more cylinder people today.
AD 7-30 #101

Also, I rolled out this slab of leftover terracotta clay. It was too dry to do much with. On impulse, I covered it with black underglaze and without even waiting for it to dry (a big no)I did this quick sgraffito image. We’ll see how that turns out.

AD 7-30 #202

I also did a firing – no pictures of the kiln at work, but it was.

Tuesday, July 31 – I opened the kiln. Everything looks good
AD 7-31 #201

except for that glazed dish.

AD 7-31 #102

See the cloudiness at the bottom of the picture? I believe that it is a sign of glaze that did not completely vitrify. I had the idea this might happen – I fire my work at Cone 06, usually, and I think the glaze requires Cone 05 (which is hotter) to get the right results. I didn’t check the jar…I just kind of knew and did not want to know…)

I do not like to fire my underglaze work at Cone 05 – I think it burns out the colors just that little bit too much – meaning that they are darker and muddier. I think I’ll send the dish back through – nothing needs to be done to it – with a bisque load that I will fire at Cone 05. See what happens. If it still looks bad, into the trash it goes.

Wednesday, August 1 – Time continues to be short for art activities this week. I decided to unload the kiln and photograph the work – and to clean up the clay area and studio. I want to work on my secret project later this week and I need to get the area, and my head, clear and ready for ideas.

I photograph most of my work and always have done, even when I was making fabric collage work in the 90’s and did my photography using film. I had a plywood board covered in black fabric that I hung from a pipe in my basement; I set up lights and taped the works to the board in order to photograph them. I did not get very good results but at least I had a record of my work.

Urban View small

“Urban View”, fabric, 1990’s.

Now I use a digital camera and PhotoShop Elements to achieve my images. Today I was photgraphing clay – tiles and sculptures. For tiles, I lay them on a surface, usually white, but since I was doing white tiles as well today, I also used a black background.

I don’t photo each clay item I make – there are too many of them. I will post only the ones I like most and the rest, well, they go their way, wherever that might be, undocumented.

I took 112 photos today, of which I will probably keep 25% or so. I do know I’ll re-photo the terracotta/black sgraffito tiles – they were done with a back blackground but looked awful.

As far as sculptures, I usually set up a little stage like this:

AD 8-1 #101

Two pieces of matboard on a chair. I set the item onstage and photo it.

Overall, I want to have a record of my work and I don’t worry much if the pictures are not all perfect. I just need a few really good ones to use in submitting to shows, and with all the things I make usually something comes out well enough to add to my application-worthy category.

I do think it is important to document my art, if for no other reason than that it represents a lifetime’s work and is valuable to me as a record of my past and how I have grown. I have thousands of images now and I am really glad I have taken the time (and it does take a lot of time) to create this archive.

Friday, August 3 – I finished up the week by working on some clay – new puff people and some mini-cylinder people – this time working in terracotta clay.

And that did it for today.

OK, that’s it for this week! Thank you for coming along with me.

Popular Greens

Another one of those paint color brochure extravaganzas. Paint color names inspire the small drawings and the photo led me into the additions I made to it.

Done in April 2018.

Art Diary 2018 – Week Ending July 20


Art Diary. A weekly wrap-up of art activities. For earlier posts, search under the category Art Diary.

Art. Your hands and mind work together as best friends. 

 Saturday, July 14 – I’m celebrating the conclusion of the last 7 or so weeks of busyness with shows and public events with my favorite activity – ordering my living and working space. It’s the first step in starting new projects. I got my studio in shape:

AD 7-14 #104

I’m planning to work on some paintings. Like I need more of them! with so many that I made for the exhibit –  but – maybe I do. All but two of my current work are at the gallery exhibit until 8/31. Somehow I neglected to realize I have an art fair planned for August 25th. Oops. I also would like to enter a piece in an exhibit in August.

I’ll dig around here at home and improvise, but maybe three more paintings would not hurt? Besides paintings, I also have a couple of other projects on the go. So, a clean studio is a signal to get to work.

I also opened the kiln this afternoon. Take a look.

I’m really happy with what I can see – I was mostly wondering how the sgraffito tiles worked out. I’ll show them in more detail in their own post, but I can see that the contrast is good between clay and figures, the tiles are not warped (sometimes that happens in firing to tiles that look flat in the greenware state), and overall, well, I’m just happy!

It’s a whole different look from my bright tiles and I love that idea, too, another aspect of clay that I can participate in.

Sunday, July 15 – I worked on those paintings some more, in the afternoon. You can see that there are four of them now. That is enough. I’m coming up with some odd images. We’ll see where they go.

AD 7-15 #101

Monday, July 16 – I decided to prepare the small clay figurines for the coloring process by doing their faces. Here’s the whole group before I start:

AD 7-16 #702

I color their faces with Velvet underglaze, Jet Black. (These little people remind me of those sheep with black faces. Just saying.)

AD 7-16 #603

Then I wash off color from the prominent spots, using a wet rag. The black color stays in the indentations. After I finished their faces, I did the same thing with their hands.

AD 7-16 #504

Now they are ready for their color sessions.

AD 7-16 #405

I did the rest of the figures in the same way.

AD 7-16 #306

I also gave the “clay rocks” their coat of black – it forms the base for the colorful patterns I give to these items.

Tuesday, July 17 – From yesterday, I worked a little on that “secret project” I mentioned a week or two ago. Here is a snippet, just to represent effort:

AD 7-17 #404

I also worked on a couple of the paintings from the group I started. The yellow shape one now has turned into trees. Kind of.

Wednesday, July 18 – I got in a little painting today. As you know, I’ve been working on those four paintings over the last week, a couple at a time. Today I took three of them into the studio. Two look pretty similar to how they appeared when I started today’s work but the one (that started out with three yellow things, moved into trees, and well, now it’s a beach with rocks on it…I think) underwent a lot of change.

Oh dear, sometimes I feel for my paintings, with their identity problems in early life…but I think these particular ones may have found their way. More or less. I’ll let them sit a few days and see.

Friday, July 20 – After spending yesterday at my weekly Poetry Marathon session, I decided today that it was time to wrap up these paintings. Two look finished to me. The other two I took back to the studio.

AD 7-20 #303

I did just a few small things to this one:

AD 7-20 #201

This next one, well, if you look back earlier in the week, it started out as three yellow things, became trees, then a sort of beach. I was getting annoyed with it by Wednesday’s end and so on Thursday, I got my husband to sand down the lower half of the painting. Because… I had an idea and I wanted a smooth surface to work on. I highly recommend sanding paintings off if they get lumpy and you hate what you are doing (this is a good reason to use board or masonite, if I think about it, because it won’t work on canvas…I find yet another way to enjoy my choices in life, this one being my love of board/masonite to paint on).

You also see a concrete example of what happens when I want to paint but don’t know what. I just keep going around in circles until – things resolve themselves. It’s always worked that way for me, so I trust the process and keep slapping on paint…

But I digress. At the end of today’s session, I have a beachgoer. Time to stop.

AD 7-20 #102

I’ll set these paintings aside for a little while. I think next week I want to try some clay work. Some ink and Chinese brush. Some…well, we’ll see, won’t we?

OK, that’s it for this week! Thank you for coming along with me.