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Fill the Paper

If you follow my Sometimes You Get So Confused blog you know I’ve been working on my penmanship. Anyway, duringĀ a recent practice writing session, I got sidetracked and drew my husband sitting in his chair.

The pen wanted to draw instead of write. Everyone needs a break from practice, right?


Getting the Hurt Leg Fixed, Chapter Nine

Yesterday another milestone was passed in the ongoing saga of the hurt leg. We visited the surgeon yesterday. Progress is going along very well. The leg has healed nicely and function returning. And – the brace is no longer needed! Fantastic!

A word of tribute to that brace. In the beginning, it was a lifesaver. When you sever your quadriceps tendon, you break the connection that makes your leg work. You can’t stand, bend, or move your lower leg. And of course you can’t walk. Without surgery, this injury will not heal. With surgery, it heals, but it’s a long slow process.

So the brace becomes a lifesaver. With it, the injured person can walk and with its support the knee can gradually begin to resume its function in a safe manner. It is essential.

Now, though, it’s been three months since surgery. The brace was looking a little – disheveled. Its Velcro had raveled a bit (prompting the cat to seek out my husband so that he, the cat, could get in a good chew of the dangling strings. Our cat has a thing about string). The joint mechanism squeaked. A lot. Loudly.

But mostly, my husband was ready to move on. So yesterday was special.

I have two photos – before and after the appointment.

And – I did a drawing of the brace as my husband sat on the exam table in the doctor’s office (from a photo, not in life – this doctor is efficient and we don’t hang around there long enough to draw).

The story is not over yet. Now it’s time to strengthen the leg by walking, swimming, and using it in everyday situations. But what a long way my husband has come. I am proud of how hard he has worked to get to this point.

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Practice With Pen and Ink

I am inching toward my goal of figuring out a regular sketch/photography plan for myself (I hope to do something like my Installment Plan Poetry Marathon. I think I may have said this before?). The weather is getting better and my time is freeing up some now that my husband’s health has improved so much. Keep your eye on this space, as they say…

Anyway, the point of all of this is – last Sunday, April 2, I did a few little sketches while my husband walked around the trail at Victory Park in Plymouth Meeting, PA. It is a typical community park with ball fields, located next to some of the township schools.

It’s about 15-20 minutes from home, but I’d never been here before. I sat in the stands and sketched while he walked. I had a bad cold and didn’t feel up to much, but I wanted to get out in the sunny day.

First I drew this group of adult soccer players packing up their things after a game – they were across the field from me.

Next, I did these drawings of two men practicing lacrosse – looked to me like a coaching session, as the older man shouted out pointers and set up drills for the younger man.

After they left, a whole group of little girls came on the field. Also lacrosse players, I think they were meeting for the first time. They did some warm-up exercises in a big circle (that’s what I drew) and then they divided up into smaller groups to learn skills.

And that was about an hour at this field on a nice Sunday. They are just little quick sketches, but I enjoyed doing them.

Pointy Things

These are artist trading cards and all three have a pointed thing in the image. Two of them are trees, and the third, well, could be anything.

These cards are from January 2017.

Brushed Off

I used my Chinese brush and ink to draw these quick sketches on white paper. Then I cut them out and added them to postcards with previously-created backgrounds. I used a little paint as I liked. Or left the figures as they were. Whatever looked best!

Filling in Some Time While I Waited for the Library to Open

I was at Chestnut Hill College on March 9, yesterday, to do a session of poetry writing. (Look here to read about the Installment Plan Poetry Marathon I am doing, and why I was at this location).

Long story short, I hadn’t realized the school was on spring break and I got there before the library opened, being on holiday hours. So I sat outside with my sketchbook in a pleasant sunny morning and here is what I came up with.

This sketchbook travels with me in my red and black plaid bag (on that day sharing it with a thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary. Sitting and drawing like this is a refuge for me – a way to create my own space in crowded or disorienting circumstances. The peaceful college campus certainly was not pressing in on me, but the disruption in my schedule could have gotten to me. I am glad I have learned to turn to art or poetry-writing in these situations. Amazing what a difference a pen and paper make.

Chestnut Hill College, Logue Library, pen and ink, 8″ x 8″. March 2017.

This sketchbook endures a lot. I noticed that once again I’ve spilled something on it – the bottom right corner area, this time. I think it’s one of those protein drinks I carry around. Must remember to be more careful!

Don’t Look, Just Draw – From My Little Sketchbook

I drew these figures from photos of men in a catalog – I used a technique I’ve read about and have been trying for myself, that of looking at the image inspiration and not at what I am drawing. Funny how well these came out.

I do admit to peeking a couple of times for each figure, but overall, I just let my pen go along on its own. I am very struck by the freshness this way of working gave my sketches; they don’t look as labored and tight as some other things I have done. I liked the feeling and I plan to direct my sketching efforts more along these lines.