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Random Event

I snapped this photo at the grocery store outdoor cafe. By mistake. Somehow it appeared on my photo list. Well, I liked it and I can’t say why, so I kept it, and now I’m showing it to you. Sometimes things just seem to want to be seen, don’t they?

Yellow Dress

How about this store window scene? I like the bright yellow dress, an outfit putting its best foot forward, and then it can’t get out the door – no one has taken the trash away yet.

And in the second photo, I loved the reflections. A nice bit of yellow in this picture all right.

The Mists Part and Yet the Meaning Does Not Emerge

I took this mysterious image in September 2020 using an app that created double exposures. In real life, I am standing in my garage pointing the phone camera down at the floor (see my shoes?) and photographing the metal legs of a set of sawhorses.

The overlapping image is a pattern of sun and shadow reflected in the nearby window.

Together, they make a mystery. And it all happened in the setting of a suburban garage…

Inadvertant Selfie

Honest. A few weeks ago, this photo appeared in the gallery lineup when I was looking over a set of photos I had just taken. I guess I took this one too, I just didn’t know it.

And yet somehow it has an appeal…so I kept it. How often do you see yourself from this angle? And in a pleasingly blurred way so that your faults are washed away? Think about it.

Dairy Barn on a Misty Morning

Back and November my husband and I were walking in the Norristown Farm Park very early, just after sunrise. It was a misty frosty morning. I took these photos across the fields stretching over to the Dairy Barn complex.

I think you would never know that right behind us, traffic buzzed along busy Germantown Pike, and that a large hospital building is just across the street. No, when I look at this scene, I can imagine a different time when things were quiet here and the only sounds were that of the land that was resting for next spring’s growing season.

Panorama Porch

Back in the fall I took an online pnone photography class and I learned some interesting techniques. One of them concerned taking the panorama feature on my phone and making it do what it didn’t want to do – pan the scene fast.

This action resulted in jerky justapositions in the photos. I really liked the effect. Here is a short one of my front porch. It’s simple, but there is something about it that keeps me looking at it.

Ice Patterns

A couple of days ago my husband and I were out for a run/walk on the Green Ribbon Trail in Flourtown, PA. This trail winds through the flood plain of the Wissahickon Creek and is about 12 miles long, with much of it a single track dirt trail, very rough.

However, there is a section that is paved and more sedate, and that’s usually where we go. On this cold morning (about 21 degrees F) we were on this section of the trail bundled up and moving along.

There was still snow on the trail in some spots and one such place was right by the gravel parking lot on Mill Road, across from the golf club. The trail was blocked, but the parking lot was all clear, so we just cut through there.

I saw these beautiful ice patterns in the potholes. Talk about beauty in a prosaic location. I snapped some photos. When I came home I did some adjustments to them as well to see what happened. I do not think my photos convey anything like how wonderful these ice formations were, but…now I have something to remind me of this sight, don’t I? Because by now, the ice has melted and the images are gone.

I’ll show you the original photo and the adjusted one beside it. I did different things to each picture, just for the fun of it.

More Dixon Meadow Preserve in the snow

You may remember the sequence of photos I showed you not long ago from this location. I have another set here. This group shows another view of the preserve from a road running at right angles to the previous one.

My husband was driving and I pointed the phone camera out the passenger side window to get these shots. I took random snaps and here is what I ended up with.

This group of photos is in the order they were taken, as the car passed along.

And this group shows you the panorama that you would see if you were standing across the road and looking at the preserve.

I think this is a nice group of pictures. Very wintry!