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Passing Scenes

You may remember that I showed you a couple of photo sequences taken from my car window a couple of weeks ago (look here and here). Those pictures showed fields and trees.

Here, on the same day, and only maybe 5 miles away, is another kind of landscape. A more urban scene. I did the same thing as with the field scenes – just snapped photos as we went along, some from the side window and some from through the front.

It was a warmish day for the end of February but the snow on the ground made for a misty foggy look on this gloomy day. I thought it was beautiful.

Here are some selected images, not in an order, but all taken around the turnpike interchange and Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

Practice With Pen and Ink

I am inching toward my goal of figuring out a regular sketch/photography plan for myself (I hope to do something like my Installment Plan Poetry Marathon. I think I may have said this before?). The weather is getting better and my time is freeing up some now that my husband’s health has improved so much. Keep your eye on this space, as they say…

Anyway, the point of all of this is – last Sunday, April 2, I did a few little sketches while my husband walked around the trail at Victory Park in Plymouth Meeting, PA. It is a typical community park with ball fields, located next to some of the township schools.

It’s about 15-20 minutes from home, but I’d never been here before. I sat in the stands and sketched while he walked. I had a bad cold and didn’t feel up to much, but I wanted to get out in the sunny day.

First I drew this group of adult soccer players packing up their things after a game – they were across the field from me.

Next, I did these drawings of two men practicing lacrosse – looked to me like a coaching session, as the older man shouted out pointers and set up drills for the younger man.

After they left, a whole group of little girls came on the field. Also lacrosse players, I think they were meeting for the first time. They did some warm-up exercises in a big circle (that’s what I drew) and then they divided up into smaller groups to learn skills.

And that was about an hour at this field on a nice Sunday. They are just little quick sketches, but I enjoyed doing them.