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Cat. Just a Cat. That is Enough.

A clay tile done in October, 2017. For details on the creation process, look here.

For details on what this cat is thinking…you will just have to guess. Cats do not tell.


A Whole Crowd

Back in the summer I made this group of artist trading cards. I cut out some body-looking shapes and painted them. Then I stuck them to the already-prepared backgrounds and added details with India ink.

I have one more to add – here is an ATC formed by overlapping figures formed by the using a few of these forms as stencils. Plus a little India ink.

Now you have the whole story.

Pedestrians One: Real and My Real

Here is a photo I took in August, 2017, in Philadelphia, PA.

Here is my painted version. A little different but a little the same. That is what painting is all about for me.

Acrylics, NeoColor I crayons, India ink. 8″ x 8″, September, 2017.

“Lady and Man Walking on a City Sidewalk”

Paint Cards and People and Faces

I have a love for paint cards from the paint store or home improvement store. You may remember some other things I have done with them. Anyway, here are two artist trading cards from July, 2017, featuring that ever-useful accessory to the collage world…paint cards.