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Stencil Guy

These are all mail art postcards made using the same figure. Let me think how I did these…

I cut out the figure from a paint card. I like the stiffness of the cardboard and yet it is not too thick.

Then I took some already-painted postcards and did my work. The first two are stencils with some details added.

The last card is the figure itself – I turned it over to the non-paint color side (you can see the black painting seeping around the edges from when I used it earlier) coloring it yellow and gluing it down.

One figure, reappearing in multiple roles…


Woman Wearing Glasses

These mail art postcards were made with found papers and two drawings from my little sketchbook of the head of a woman with glasses. I don’t remember where I drew her, or when, and she never knew it happened. Anyway, this is how it all ended up. I’ve put her in two new situations.


Ink Strokes

The postcards were made in May, 2017, using India Ink on top of a collaged background.

Group or Individual Portraits

Here are some artist trading cards. I created backgrounds with paint, added cut out figures, and used my NeoColor I crayons. Sometimes you just keep going until you are finished, don’t you?

People in the Outdoors

These tiles were fired in January, 2017.

Trying to Tell You Something

These postcards are from December 2016 and January 2017. I used a grab-bag of art techniques here and topped them off with some pithy remarks, courtesy of my cut-out phrases and words I pulled from my collage poetry box…